Mar 2, 2017


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  • Study box. Read these sentences carefully.

    1. We have to check out by 10 a.m.
    2. It was nearly twelve by the time she checked out of the Hilton.
    3. He checked out of the hospital against his doctor’s orders.
    • Use the sentences in the study box to help you do these exercises.
      • If you check out of a hotel, which of the following do you do? More than one answer is correct.
        • You visit the hotel.
        • You pay your bill.
        • You ask the receptionist questions.
        • You give back your key.
        • You leave.

      • Which of these places can you check out of?
        • a hotel
        • a motel
        • an office
        • a hospital

      • Which of these are grammatically possible?
        • I checked out.
        • I checked out the hotel.
        • I checked out of the hotel.
        • The hotel was checked out of.

    • Complete the sentences with the correct form of ‘check out’ or ‘check out of’:
      • What time do I have to in the morning?

        • We our hotel early, and went to the airport.

          • Make sure you haven’t left anything in your room before you

            • I tried to find him, but he’d already

              • He called to say that he the hospital already.

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