Nov 29, 2016

Elementary Statistics Exercises — Contents

10 cards
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      • Test bank with answers to accompany Elementary Statistics, 10th Edition by Mario F. Triola

        • 1. Introduction to Statistics:
          Types of Data, Critical Thinking, Design of Experiments

          • Variant 1A
            Variant 1B
            Variant 1C

            • 2. Summarizing and Graphing Data:
              Frequency Distribution, Histograms, Statistical Graphics

              • Variant 2A
                Variant 2B
                Variant 2C

                • 3. Describing, Exploring, and Comparing Data
                  Measures of Center, Measures of Variation, Measures of Relative Standing, Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
                  Variant 3A
                  Variant 3B
                  Variant 3C

                  • 4. Probability
                    Probability Fundamentals, Addition and Multiplication Rules, Counting, Bayes’ Theorem
                    Variant 4A
                    Variant 4B
                    Variant 4C

                    • 5. Probability Distribution
                      Random Variables; Binomial Probability Distributions: Mean, Variance, and Standard Deviation for the Binomial Distribution; The Poisson Distribution
                      Variant 5A
                      Variant 5B
                      Variant 5C

                      • 6. Normal Probability Distribution
                        The Standard Normal Distribution, Applications of Normal Distributions, Sampling Distributions and Estimators, The Central Limit Theorem, Normal as Approximation to Binomial, Assessing Normality
                        Variant 6A
                        Variant 6B
                        Variant 6C

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