English Grammar Test 46 (Level 1-B)

20 cards
, 35 answers
Mar 15
  • Fill in the blanks with the most suitable answer.
    1. The committee (draft) the plan by tomorrow.

      1. A: (you, see) the new Indian film yet?
        B: Yes, I (manage) to see it yesterday. But to tell the truth I (not, like) to see Indian films.

        1. The delegation (start) for London as soon as they (receive) their visas.

          1. I (not, think) I (be able) to call on them and say good-bye before I (go) abroad next week.

            1. Why (I, not, inform) of the change of our plan yesterday?

              1. The tickets should (not, throw) away as inspectors may check them during the trip.

                1. What’s (quick) way of getting from here to the station?

                  1. I don’t like to go a walk the rain. (to, in, for, under)

                    1. Everywhere man has cut down forests in order to cultivate ground or to use wood as fuel or as building material. (a/an, the, —)

                      1. I asked two people the way to the station but  . . . 
                        of them could help me.
                        1. either
                        2. neither

                      2. Why do you always come to see me at (bad) possible moment?

                        1. I spent (little) money than you but I spent (much) than my mother did.

                          1. The man (try) in court, he (find) guilty and (send) to prison.

                            1. ‘Dictionaries may (not, use) at the exam’, the teacher said.

                              1. If I (see) Tom tomorrow, I shall tell him everything.

                                1. A: When are you going to finish this test?
                                  B: I (finish) it already.

                                  1. When I arrived at the party, Tom (go) home already.

                                    1. The children (swim) for half an hour when the storm began.

                                      1. If you go by train you can have quite comfortable journey. (a/an, the, —)

                                        1. We phone her up because her phone had broken, but fortunately we leave a message for her. (can, couldn’t, was/were able to)