Mar 7, 2017

English Grammar Test 46 (Level 1-B)

20 cards
, 35 answers
  • Fill in the blanks with the most suitable answer.
    1. The committee (draft) the plan by tomorrow.

      • A: (you, see) the new Indian film yet?
        B: Yes, I (manage) to see it yesterday. But to tell the truth I (not, like) to see Indian films.

        • The delegation (start) for London as soon as they (receive) their visas.

          • I (not, think) I (be able) to call on them and say good-bye before I (go) abroad next week.

            • Why (I, not, inform) of the change of our plan yesterday?

              • The tickets should (not, throw) away as inspectors may check them during the trip.

                • What’s (quick) way of getting from here to the station?

                  • I don’t like to go a walk the rain. (to, in, for, under)

                    • Everywhere man has cut down forests in order to cultivate ground or to use wood as fuel or as building material. (a/an, the, —)

                      • I asked two people the way to the station but  . . . 
                        of them could help me.
                        • either
                        • neither

                      • Why do you always come to see me at (bad) possible moment?

                        • I spent (little) money than you but I spent (much) than my mother did.

                          • The man (try) in court, he (find) guilty and (send) to prison.

                            • ‘Dictionaries may (not, use) at the exam’, the teacher said.

                              • If I (see) Tom tomorrow, I shall tell him everything.

                                • A: When are you going to finish this test?
                                  B: I (finish) it already.

                                  • When I arrived at the party, Tom (go) home already.

                                    • The children (swim) for half an hour when the storm began.

                                      • If you go by train you can have quite comfortable journey. (a/an, the, —)

                                        • We phone her up because her phone had broken, but fortunately we leave a message for her. (can, couldn’t, was/were able to)

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