Mar 10, 2017

English Grammar Test 50 (Level 1-B)

20 cards
, 48 answers
  • Fill in the blanks with the most suitable answer.
    1. He  . . . 
      will be able to
      read books in German when he has finished this course.
      • can
      • will be able to
      • must

    2. She  . . . 
      be very charming if she wants to be.
      • can
      • may
      • must

    3. You  . . . 
      come if you don’t want to.
      • mustn’t
      • needn’t
      • have to

    4. He has got  . . . 
      financial problems.
      • much
      • many

    5. She is very busy today. She has  . . . 
      free time.
      • few
      • little

    6. The weather in November is not so (cold) as in December but it’s (cold) than in October.

      • The (long) is the night, the (short) is the day.

        • My car (repair) in the garage. It (be) ready in three hours.

          • Oh! He (have) a shave! He (look) strange without a beard.

            • I (do) military service for eight years. This is my last year.

              • No sooner I (leave) the office (than, then, that) the telephone rang. I hope there was (somebody, anybody, nobody) there to answer the call.

                • You don’t work hard. If you (work) harder, you (pass) your examinations successfully.

                  • If it (be) not so windy tomorrow, we (not, have) any trouble in putting the tent up.

                    • The population of the world (grow) from 35 million in 1950 (to, at, by) 42 million today.

                      • My brother (play) hockey for five years already. He (play) for the national team in ten matches.

                        • A: (you, like) these pears?
                          B: It’s the first time I (eat) such delicious pears.

                          • We (own) the car for a year before it (steal). The car (not, find) yet.

                            • After he (come) out of (the, a —) hospital, he will need complete rest for (other, another, the other) two or three months.

                              • A: (how, what) is your dog called?
                                B: Tim. It’s (beautiful) pet I ever (have).

                                • When the new road (build), I (be able to, have to, can) drive to work in under half an hour. Now I (can, have to, may) spend much (a lot, more, the most) time.

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