English Grammar Test 50 (Level 1-B)

20 cards
, 48 answers
Mar 18
  • Fill in the blanks with the most suitable answer.
    1. He  . . . 
      will be able to
      read books in German when he has finished this course.
      1. can
      2. will be able to
      3. must

    2. She  . . . 
      be very charming if she wants to be.
      1. can
      2. may
      3. must

    3. You  . . . 
      come if you don’t want to.
      1. mustn’t
      2. needn’t
      3. have to

    4. He has got  . . . 
      financial problems.
      1. much
      2. many

    5. She is very busy today. She has  . . . 
      free time.
      1. few
      2. little

    6. The weather in November is not so (cold) as in December but it’s (cold) than in October.

      1. The (long) is the night, the (short) is the day.

        1. My car (repair) in the garage. It (be) ready in three hours.

          1. Oh! He (have) a shave! He (look) strange without a beard.

            1. I (do) military service for eight years. This is my last year.

              1. No sooner I (leave) the office (than, then, that) the telephone rang. I hope there was (somebody, anybody, nobody) there to answer the call.

                1. You don’t work hard. If you (work) harder, you (pass) your examinations successfully.

                  1. If it (be) not so windy tomorrow, we (not, have) any trouble in putting the tent up.

                    1. The population of the world (grow) from 35 million in 1950 (to, at, by) 42 million today.

                      1. My brother (play) hockey for five years already. He (play) for the national team in ten matches.

                        1. A: (you, like) these pears?
                          B: It’s the first time I (eat) such delicious pears.

                          1. We (own) the car for a year before it (steal). The car (not, find) yet.

                            1. After he (come) out of (the, a —) hospital, he will need complete rest for (other, another, the other) two or three months.

                              1. A: (how, what) is your dog called?
                                B: Tim. It’s (beautiful) pet I ever (have).

                                1. When the new road (build), I (be able to, have to, can) drive to work in under half an hour. Now I (can, have to, may) spend much (a lot, more, the most) time.