Mar 30, 2017

English Grammar Test 60 (Level 1-B)

20 cards
, 44 answers
  • Fill in the blanks with the most suitable answer.
    1. (not, disappoint) me! I (count) on you just now.

      • The newspapers reported the working conditions (aggravate) constantly then.

        • As I (buy) some new pictures, I thought my room (look) better after I put them on the walls.

          • The post officials regretted to say that my letter (lose).

            • She was running a high temperature and I  . . . 
              had to
              put her to bed at once.
              • must
              • had to
              • can

            • Jeremy became (a, the, —) teacher with (a, the, —) best exam results (among, between, in) her schoolmates.

              • When Joseph began speaking (a, the, —) Japanese, she looked (at, on, for) him (in, of, at) amazement.

                • A: Do you go to (a, the, —) school foot or bus?
                  B: It depends weather, (on, at, by, in)

                  • He seems to know everything. He can answer  . . . 
                    question on the subject.
                    • no
                    • any
                    • some

                  • John apologized (for, before, to) us (at, from, for) his words.

                    • (you, be told) already when your relatives (come) next week?

                      • She has asked the clerk if all the trains (arrive) (on, in, at) time here.

                        • I (not, feel) like visiting my relatives this year, so I (not, go).

                          • It was announced that a new office block (construct) then.

                            • Did you know that you (were to, had, must) prepare a report for the conference?

                              • I couldn’t pay for meal as I had left wallet at home. (a, the, —)

                                • At the exhibition you will see  . . . 
                                  you haven’t met in your life yet.
                                  • all
                                  • anything
                                  • something

                                • (at, on, in) accordance (with, to, from) the wishes of my people’, the director said, ‘I am retiring from the company’.

                                  • My son has very good German teacher, who knows language perfectly. (a, the, —)

                                    • My point of view is similar (with, to, and) yours, but different (out, with, from) Jenny’s.

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