Sep 25, 2017

English Grammar Test 69 (Level 3-A)

20 cards
, 40 answers
  • Fill in the blanks with the most suitable answer.
    1. Banks lend money (make, do) profit. These days banks (lend) more money to encourage businesses to expand.

      • I would advise you to arrive (at, in, into) the airport two hours before the flight (leave).

        • I’m afraid I (can, have to, may) inform you that your application for funding (turn down).

          • She has only just recovered from the operation and still (find) it difficult to move about.

            • I promise I (do) everything I can to help you find (a, the, —) flat, although I suggest that you also advertise in the local newspaper.

              • Scientists (discover) that, all over the world, millions of frogs and toads died.

                • Christopher Nolan (make) 14 films and I think his latest is (good). I’m sure it will win a prize.

                  • Bill (represent) his country (on, at, for) many occasions, but (force) to retire after an injury.

                    • Since Mr. Hassan (become) President, both taxes and unemployment (increase).

                      • When I was young, I never (bother) too (much, many, far) about my appearance.

                        • This novel (translate) from Spanish (in, on, into) English not long ago.

                          • My brother has got a lot of games in his Nintendo but I have (few, little, less) in (my, mine).

                            • I (already translate) the article when my boss (phone) me and asked if the translation was finished.

                              • The accident looked (serious, seriously), but fortunately nobody (injure).

                                • You (ought to, must, can) trust your daughter more. You (need not, should not, may not) treat her like a child.

                                  • A: (must, may, can) I really do this translation today?
                                    B: No, you (mustn’t, needn’t, may not). You (need, may, must) do it tomorrow if you like.

                                    • The boy (try) already to do it several times without any results. I think he may succeed only if he (show) how to do it.

                                      • In a week the government (announce) a new programme to help (a, the, —) unemployed.

                                        • Our library has received a lot of new books this week. By the end of next week they (register) and we (can, will be able to, must) borrow them for reading.

                                          • He never helps me. Perhaps he (help) me if I (ask) him about it but I never do it.

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