Sep 26, 2017

English Grammar Test 75 (Level 3-A)

20 cards
, 40 answers
  • Fill in the blanks with the most suitable answer.
    1. I don’t recall having seen you before. Are you sure we (meet)?

      • Sally earns a lot of money; her new job is much (good) paid than the old one.

        • We went to (a, the, —) Gladiator to see a new film because we (read) very good reviews. Next Saturday we (go) to Hyde Park, if it (not, rain).

          • I watched a documentary on TV last night. It was all about the problems (threatening, threatened) the environment. I (shock) to find out how little I (know) about globe warming or acid rains.

            • Nature delicately (balance) and the extinction of one species (may, must, should) have a serious effect on (other, others, the others).

              • It is the fault of mankind that so many species (endanger), so it’s our responsibility to protect those while we still can.

                • (famous) sporting event in the world, the Olympic Games, began in Greece in 776 BC.

                  • Medieval sports were not as organized as events in ancient times: at fairs or festivals men (would, were used to) lift heavy stones and women (would, be used to) run races.

                    • I’m sure he is not aware (at, in, of) the harm he (do) for us.

                      • The old lady (could, was able to, must) identify the robber who (attack) her the previous day.

                        • I’m sure that in this time of technology advances, we (find) already some way to solve the world’s ecological problems.

                          • Many people feel (happy) when they are with friends than when they are on their own.

                            • Certain sports teams (support) by fans all over the world and individual athletes (see) as celebrities.

                              • During the 18th and 19th centuries national organizations were formed which made sure that the rules (follow) and arranged regular sport competitions.

                                • When I was a child, I (used to, was used to) love my dad’s stories about Africa. He / (work) there for many years before I was born.

                                  • This dish (make) (from, at, on) a recipe given to me by my grandfather who was (a, the, —) excellent cook.

                                    • My idea of an ideal holiday (change) a lot in the past few years. Nowadays, I’d much rather go away in spring when (most, most of, more) places (not, fill) with tourists.

                                      • I have just spoken to three women, (neither, none, either) of (whom, who, them) speaks Spanish.

                                        • We (invite) some friends for dinner tonight. Would you like to join (to, at, in, —) us?

                                          • She has been waiting for him for ten years already. If she (not, love) him, she (not, wait) so long.

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