FILL something UP

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Feb 23
  • Study box. Read these sentences carefully.

    1. He filled Daisy’s glass up again.
    2. My mother filled up the freezer for me before she went away.
    3. I keep emptying the box, but you keep filling it up again!
    4. We were so thirsty the water jug had to be filled up three times.
    1. Use the sentences in the study box to help you do these exercises.
      1. If you fill up a container or a place, it becomes completely full. Which of these can you fill up?
        1. a glass
        2. a jug
        3. a sandwich
        4. a suitcase
        5. a job
        6. an order
        7. a jacket

      2. Which of the following are grammatically possible?
        1. He filled the bottle up.
        2. He filled up the bottle.
        3. He filled it up.
        4. He filled up it.
        5. The bottle was filled up.

    2. Complete these sentences in any way you like, using the verb ‘fill something up’ and an object (a noun or a pronoun):
      1. She emptied her glass and again. (it)

        1. If you want some more water, from the tap. (jug)

          1. The fridge is almost empty! I only last week! (it)

            1. You don’t need to just to make one cup of tea! (kettle)