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Feb 24
  • Study box. Read these sentences carefully.

    1. He was walking very fast and I almost had to run to keep up.
    2. Slow down! I can’t keep up.
    3. The car behind went through a red light to keep up with us.
    4. Jack was walking fast, but I kept up with him.
    1. Use the sentences in the study box to help you do these exercises.
      1. Which one of the following is the best explanation of this meaning of ‘keep up’?
        1. to move at the same rate or speed as somebody or something
        2. to move more slowly than somebody or something
        3. to move faster than somebody or something

      2. Which of the following are grammatically possible?
        1. I couldn’t keep up.
        2. I couldn’t keep up him.
        3. I couldn’t keep up with him.
        4. He couldn’t be kept up with.

    2. Complete these sentences in a suitable way, using the verb ‘keep up’:
      1. Hurry up! Please try with us!

        1. You’re walking too fast! I can’t with you!

          1. We forgot that little Joe would have difficulty with us.

          2. Keep up or catch up?
            1. He’s too far ahead now. You’ll never  . . . 
              catch up
              with him.
              1. catch up
              2. keep up

            2. Let’s wait here until the others  . . . 
              catch up
              1. catch up
              2. keep up

            3. We walked along together, Jim almost running to  . . . 
              keep up
              with me.
              1. catch up
              2. keep up