Jun 7, 2016

Lesson 17: Essential Words for the TOEFL

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    agitate       ○      confidential       ○      delighted       ○      discreetly       ○      documented       ○      gradually       ○      influence       ○      inordinate       ○      instantly       ○      intentionally       ○      intrinsic       ○      inundate       ○      involve       ○      nominal       ○      presumably

    [v.] to shake or move; to cause worry
    [Syn.] disturb

    [n.] agitation
    [n.] agitator

    The fact that she had not arrived by midnight agitated her parents.
    He was known as a political agitator.

    [adj.] to be said or written in secret
    [Syn.] secret

    [v.] confide
    [adj.] confidential
    [adv.] confidentially
    [n.] confidant

    We were told that the information is strictly confidential.
    She confided to me that she had always wanted to be a movie star.

    [adj.] to be satisfied; very happy
    [Syn.] elated

    [adv.] delightfully
    [adj.] delightful
    [n.] delight

    He was delighted with the result of the experiment.
    It was a delightful afternoon.

    [adv.] in a careful, polite manner
    [Syn.] cautiously

    [adj.] discreet
    [n.] discretion

    The teacher discreetly told the parents about her problems.
    You can count on me to be discreet.

    [adj.] proven with written evidence
    [Syn.] proven

    [adj.] documentary
    [v.] document
    [n.] documentation

    He had documented proof that the bank had made an error.
    The car’s documentation was in order.

    [adv.] slowly but surely
    [Syn.] steadily

    [adj.] gradual

    The bay has gradually deteriorated over the years.
    There has been a gradual change in the climate over the past decade.

    [v.] to have an effect on a person’s point of view or behavior; to change the course of events
    [Syn.] affect

    [adj.] influential
    [n.] influence

    He was unable to influence his friend’s decision.
    The drought was due to the influence of a warm water current called “El Niño”.

    [adj.] a large amount or quality; more than reasonable
    [Syn.] excessive

    [adv.] inordinately

    The airlines had to cancel an inordinate number of flights due to the fog.
    There was an inordinately large number of whales off the coast.

    [adv.] happening immediately; in a short period of time
    [Syn.] immediately

    [adj.] instantaneous
    [adj.] instant
    [n.] instant

    The computer finished the job instantly.
    It happened in an instant.

    [adv.] with definite purpose and planning
    [Syn.] deliberately

    [adj.] intentional
    [n.] intention
    [n.] intent

    The machine was left on intentionally.
    Her action was an indication of her good intentions.

    [adj.] belonging to the essential nature of something
    [Syn.] inherent

    [adv.] intrinsically

    A penny has little intrinsic value.
    The forests of the Northwest are intrinsically rich in natural resources.

    [v.] to flood
    [Syn.] overwhelm

    [n.] inundation

    The radio stations were inundated with reports of a severe traffic accident.
    The foundation experienced an inundation of requests for money.

    [v.] to become concerned with or connected to
    [Syn.] include

    [adj.] involved
    [n.] involvement

    She involved herself in many activities to meet new friends.
    His involvement in right-wing politics is well documented.

    [adj.] very small; in form but not in substance
    [Syn.] moderate

    [adv.] nominally

    The office building was sold at a nominal price.
    She was nominally successful as an actress.

    [adv.] reported but not confirmed
    [Syn.] supposedly

    [adj.] presumable
    [v.] presume
    [n.] presumption

    The old wreck was presumably located to the southwest of Florida.
    I presume that you have been camping before.

  • Choose the synonym.
    1. influence
      1. affect
      2. include
      3. gain
      4. overwhelm

    2. secretly
      1. conscientiously
      2. confidentially
      3. comparatively
      4. constantly

    3. documented
      1. proven
      2. intrinsic
      3. substantial
      4. durable

    4. nominal
      1. moderate
      2. inherent
      3. inevitable
      4. harmful

    5. excessive
      1. impressive
      2. lasting
      3. deliberate
      4. inordinate

    6. discreetly
      1. obviously
      2. cautiously
      3. unlikely
      4. deceptively

    7. agitate
      1. heighten
      2. reject
      3. inundate
      4. disturb

    8. steadily
      1. evenly
      2. uniquely
      3. intentionally
      4. immediately

    9. presumably
      1. supposedly
      2. actually
      3. obviously
      4. instantly

    10. delighted
      1. involved
      2. elated
      3. overwhelm
      4. highlight

  • Choose the word that is closest in meaning to the underlined word in the sentence.
    1. Modes of suggestion are usually verbal or visual and sometimes may involve the other senses.
      1. enhance
      2. influence
      3. include
      4. disrupt

    2. After the War of the Worlds broadcast, law enforcement agencies were inundated by the numerous inquiries they received.
      1. agitated
      2. overwhelm
      3. astonished
      4. delighted

    3. Nowadays coins lack intrinsic value and bills can no longer be converted to gold.
      1. inherent
      2. nominal
      3. documented
      4. inordinate

    4. Because their presence can upset normal markets, some products with commercial potential are intentionally kept off the market-place.
      1. confidentially
      2. constantly
      3. arbitrarily
      4. deliberately

    5. Anaximander argued that human beings are so helpless at birth that they would almost instantly die if put into the world on their own.
      1. gradually
      2. presumably
      3. immediately
      4. discreetly

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