Jun 7, 2016

Lesson 23: Essential Words for the TOEFL

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    analogous       ○      approximately       ○      compel       ○      formidable       ○      intrusive       ○      periodically       ○      prone       ○      prophetic       ○      proportions       ○      readily       ○      reliably       ○      reluctantly       ○      renown       ○      sacrifice       ○      triumph

    [adj.] alike in some way
    [Syn.] similar to

    [n.] analogy

    The action of light waves is analogous to the action of sound waves.
    The analogy between the behavior of the bacteria in the lab and in the human body is not clear.

    [adv.] almost correct; not exact
    [Syn.] around

    [adj.] approximate
    [v.] approximate
    [n.] approximation

    There are approximately 100 billion galaxies in the universe.
    The results of this study approximate those of a previous study.

    [v.] to make something happen by necessity or force
    [Syn.] obliged

    [adv.] compellingly
    [adj.] compelling

    The representatives were compelled to vote in favor of the legislation despite their personal opposition to it.
    The lawyer’s plea was made in a compelling manner.

    [adj.] difficult; causing worry or fear
    [Syn.] overwhelming

    [adv.] formidably

    Their formidable opponents gave no sign of weakness.
    The man’s voice echoed formidably throughout the hallway.

    [adj.] the state of being inside or upon something when not desired to be there by others
    [Syn.] annoying

    [adj.] intrusively
    [v.] intrude
    [n.] intrusion
    [n.] intruder

    The intrusive bacteria caused his condition to worsen.
    The intrusion of the hazardous gas made it difficult to live in the house.

    [adv.] happening repeatedly, occurring at regular intervals
    *Something published at regular intervals
    [Syn.] sometimes

    [adj.] periodic
    [adj.] periodical
    [n.] periodical*

    Some materials periodically demonstrate unusual behavior when frozen.
    She has periodic desires to get a job.

    [adj.] likely to do something
    [Syn.] inclined to

    Most liquids are prone to contract when frozen.
    She is prone to study hard the night before her tests.

    [adj.] correctly telling about future events
    [Syn.] predictive

    [adv.] prophetically
    [v.] prophesy
    [n.] prophecy
    [n.] prophet

    His prophetic power was investigated by a team of psychologists.
    The brilliant student fulfilled his teacher’s prophecy that he would be a successful doctor.

    [n.] relationship of size or importance when compared to another object or person.
    [Syn.] dimensions

    [adv.] proportionally
    [adj.] proportional
    [adj.] proportionate
    [adv.] proportionately

    The goal of establishing a space station will take a team effort of major proportions.
    The pilot’s salary is proportional to that of pilots of other airlines.

    [adv.] willingly; easily
    [Syn.] freely

    [adj.] ready
    [v.] ready
    [n.] readiness

    The workers readily complained about the food in the cafeteria.
    Her readiness to cooperate was an important factor in the investigation.

    [adv.] in a trusted way
    [Syn.] dependably

    [adj.] reliable
    [adj.] reliant
    [v.] rely
    [n.] reliability
    [n.] reliance

    An appliance must perform its task reliably to be popular with consumers.
    Satellite photos show the smallest details with great reliability.

    [adv.] unwillingly
    [Syn.] hesitatingly

    [adj.] reluctant
    [n.] reluctance

    Although not completely satisfied with the contract, the officials reluctantly agreed to sign it.
    The electrician was reluctant to estimate the cost of the repair work.

    [n.] fame
    [Syn.] prominence

    [adj.] renowned

    This school is of great renown.
    The renowned conductor made a guest appearance at the concert.

    [v.] to give up something of value for the common good
    [Syn.] concession

    [adj.] sacrificial
    [n.] sacrifice

    He sacrificed his day off to help clean up the neighborhood.
    She made sacrifices in order to be able to attend the university.

    [n.] a victory; a success
    [Syn.] achievement

    [adv.] triumphantly
    [adj.] triumphant
    [adj.] triumphal
    [v.] triumph

    His career was characterized by one triumph after another.
    He triumphed over all of his difficulties.

  • Choose the synonym.
    1. intrusive
      1. inactive
      2. intricate
      3. predictive
      4. annoying

    2. obliged
      1. distorted
      2. dependable
      3. compelled
      4. settled

    3. sacrifice
      1. reliance
      2. proportion
      3. concession
      4. recovery

    4. formidable
      1. predictive
      2. overwhelming
      3. functional
      4. practical

    5. similar to
      1. unlike
      2. analogous
      3. archaic
      4. prone

    6. around
      1. obviously
      2. likely
      3. entirely
      4. approximately

    7. hesitatingly
      1. reluctantly
      2. readily
      3. compellingly
      4. practically

    8. achievements
      1. triumphs
      2. phenomena
      3. dimensions
      4. approximation

    9. sometimes
      1. routinely
      2. actually
      3. periodically
      4. gradually

    10. renown
      1. domination
      2. prophecy
      3. prominence
      4. position

  • Choose the word that is closest in meaning to the underlined word in the sentence.
    1. Growth rings in a log are often so clearly visible that they can reliably indicate age.
      1. periodically
      2. dependably
      3. approximately
      4. ordinarily

    2. Organic compounds often contain special groups of atoms, called functional groups, that readily undergo chemical reaction.
      1. freely
      2. reluctantly
      3. repeatedly
      4. occasionally

    3. The construction of the Saint Lawrence seaway was an undertaking of great proportions.
      1. triumphs
      2. renown
      3. dimensions
      4. sacrifice

    4. Folklore holds that mermaids are natural beings who have prophetic powers.
      1. formidable
      2. intrusive
      3. predictive
      4. analogous

    5. Faced with the numerous problems brought on by the new industrial age, wage earners were prone to solve their problems through organization.
      1. fortunate
      2. compelled
      3. cautioned
      4. inclined

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