Jun 7, 2016

Lesson 26: Essential Words for the TOEFL

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    chaotic       ○      characteristic       ○      controversial       ○      exemplify       ○      gratifying       ○      interpret       ○      launch       ○      legitimate       ○      particular       ○      radiant       ○      ridge       ○      span       ○      spontaneous       ○      stream       ○      striking

    [adj.] being in complete disorder and confusion
    [Syn.] disorganized

    [n.] chaos

    The traffic in Seoul is often chaotic.
    There was complete chaos when the world champions arrived at the airport.

    [adj.] an easily recognized quality of something
    [Syn.] typical

    [adv.] characteristically
    [v.] characterize
    [n.] characteristic
    [n.] characterization

    The markings on that butterfly are characteristic of the monarch butterfly.
    I would characterize him as a diligent professional.

    [adj.] something that causes disagreement or argument
    [Syn.] debatable

    [v.] controversially
    [n.] controversy

    The governor made a controversial decision to raise taxes.
    The controversy was caused by the proposal to build an airport in the area.

    [v.] to give an example
    [Syn.] symbolize

    [adj.] exemplary

    The recent downturn in the housing industry exemplifies the poor economic conditions.
    Her exemplary academic achievement is representative of most students at this institution.

    [adj.] giving pleasure or a feeling of accomplishment; showing thanks
    [Syn.] satisfying

    [adv.] gratefully
    [adj.] grateful
    [v.] gratify
    [n.] gratification
    [n.] gratefulness

    Studying abroad can be a very gratifying experience.
    She was grateful for all the work he had done for her.

    [v.] to understand the meaning of something
    [Syn.] clarify

    [n.] interpreter
    [n.] interpretation
    [v.] interpreting

    The ambiguous speech was very difficult to interpret.
    Their interpretation of the story generated some interesting discussion.

    [v.] to cause something to begin
    [Syn.] initiate

    [n.] launch
    [n.] launching

    The company launched a new program to attract more clients.
    The launching of the first Soviet satellite, Sputnik, created concern among the American public.

    [adj.] reasonable, lawful
    [Syn.] authentic

    [adv.] legitimately
    [n.] legitimacy

    The engineer had a legitimate reason for changing the design of the building.
    The legitimacy of the theory has yet to be determined.

    [adj.] a certain way or thing; unusual; hard to please
    [Syn.] specific

    [adv.] particularly*

    The speaker has a particular way of persuading his audience.
    That group of workers is particularly difficult to satisfy.

    [adj.] sending out in all directions, especially heat or light
    [Syn.] bright

    [adv.] radiantly
    [n.] radiance
    [n.] radiation
    [n.] radiator

    The actor’s radiant smile captivated the audience.
    The radiance of the fire prevented the firefighters from entering the house.

    [n.] the top of a mountain range; a raised part of any surface
    [Syn.] crest

    A bald eagle stood on the ridge of the tall office building.
    The mountain ridge was heavily forested.

    [v.] the length of time or distance from one limit to the other; to cross
    [Syn.] cover

    [n.] span

    The old man’s life spanned two centuries.
    The span of the bridge is three miles.

    [adj.] unplanned; uncontrolled
    [Syn.] instinctive

    [adv.] spontaneously
    [n.] spontaneity

    The spontaneous combustion inside the cylinder creates the power of the motor.
    The crowd reacted spontaneously to the danger.

    [n.] a natural flow of something; a pouring out
    [Syn.] river

    [v.] stream

    There was a constant stream of information coming from the White House.
    Water streamed from the dam as workers attempted to make the repairs.

    [adj.] drawing special attention to
    [Syn.] remarkable

    [adv.] strikingly

    His striking proposal saved the company from bankruptcy.
    That was a strikingly convincing argument that the speaker delivered.

  • Choose the synonym.
    1. gratifying
      1. spontaneous
      2. thriving
      3. satisfying
      4. analogous

    2. disorganized
      1. disrupted
      2. chaotic
      3. instinctive
      4. discernible

    3. controversial
      1. conventional
      2. intolerable
      3. consistent
      4. debatable

    4. launch
      1. initiate
      2. isolate
      3. compel
      4. stream

    5. typical
      1. practical
      2. parallel
      3. characteristic
      4. mediocre

    6. symbolize
      1. radiate
      2. exemplify
      3. span
      4. synthesize

    7. legitimate
      1. peculiar
      2. authentic
      3. sharp
      4. subsequent

    8. ridge
      1. crest
      2. current
      3. stream
      4. radiance

    9. interpret
      1. specify
      2. investigate
      3. clarify
      4. initiate

    10. radiant
      1. covered
      2. bright
      3. potent
      4. tedious

  • Choose the word that is closest in meaning to the underlined word in the sentence.
    1. Streams were always a problem for stagecoach drivers.
      1. Rivers
      2. Storms
      3. Ridges
      4. Bandits

    2. Quebec is a striking example of the challenges produced when two diverse groups of people live together.
      1. controversial
      2. characteristic
      3. legitimate
      4. remarkable

    3. Crowd behavior is characterized as a spontaneous collective reaction to a publicly observed event.
      1. chaotic
      2. gratifying
      3. instinctive
      4. uninterrupted

    4. Some languages do not contain separate words for particular colors.
      1. all
      2. radiant
      3. uncommon
      4. specific

    5. Joseph Haydn was undoubtedly the most prolific of all symphony writers, and his works spanned what has been called the Classical era.
      1. exemplified
      2. covered
      3. launched
      4. interpreted

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