Mar 2, 2017

LET somebody DOWN

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  • Study box. Read these sentences carefully.

    1. When he missed that penalty, he felt that he’d let the team down.
    2. We think that this government has let down particular communities.
    3. Don’t worry—I won’t let you down this time, I promise.
    4. He finds it hard to trust anyone—he’s been badly let down in the past.
    • Use the sentences in the study box to help you do these exercises.
      • When somebody lets you down, you feel disappointed. Why do you feel this way? Choose one answer.
        • somebody has failed to help or support you in the way that you hoped or expected
        • you wanted to help or support somebody but they didn’t want you to

      • Which of the following are grammatically possible?
        • He let his parents down.
        • He let down his parents.
        • He let them down.
        • He let down them.
        • They were let down.

      • Your friend has promised to take you out for a meal on your birthday, but she lets you down. What does she do? Choose the best answer.
        • She has to work a bit late and changes the appointment to one hour later.
        • She forgets and doesn’t arrive at all.
        • She takes you to a fast food restaurant.

    • Rewrite the following sentences so that the meaning stays the same, using a form of ‘let somebody down’:
      • If he promises that he’ll do something for somebody, he always does it.

        • If I don’t pass these exams, I’ll feel that I’ve disappointed my parents.
          If I

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