Mar 2, 2017

PICK somebody or something UP (2)

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  • Study box. Read these sentences carefully.

    1. I have to pick the kids up from school this afternoon.
    2. We can pick up the tickets an hour before the show starts.
    3. Shall I pick you up from work today?
    4. What time are you being picked up in the morning?
    • Use the sentences in the study box to help you do these exercises.
      • If you pick somebody up, what do you do? Choose the best meaning:
        • you help somebody to go somewhere
        • you collect them in your vehicle and take them somewhere

      • Choose the verb that means almost the same as ‘pick something up’:
        • to collect something
        • to find something
        • to choose something

      • Which of these are grammatically possible?
        • He picked the tickets up.
        • He picked up the tickets.
        • He picked them up.
        • He picked up them.
        • The tickets were picked up.

    • Complete these sentences using a form of the verb ‘pick up’, the phrase in brackets and an appropriate object (a noun or a pronoun):
      • I can’t meet you at 3.30. I have to from school. (my son)

        • We need to from the Box Office. (tickets)

          • I’m working late tonight. I can’t until eight. (you)

            • He had to go home first and for the weekend. (some things)

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