May 8, 2016

Reading comprehension: Passage 1 — The Big Wave (Places and Events)

4 cards
, 12 answers
  • Read the passage aloud.

    • The Big Wave

      The Amazon is a huge river. It is in South America. Sometimes, there are big waves in the Amazon. The tides cause the waves. The tides push ocean water into the river. The ocean water crashes into the river water. A big wave is made.

      The big wave races back to the ocean. It makes a loud sound. People can hear the wave from far away. They can hear it long before they can see it.

      Some people try to surf on the wave. It is very hard. The wave is big, fast, and powerful. The surfers are in danger. They have to watch for what is in the water. Big trees are in the water. Snakes are in the water.

    • Asses your understanding of the passage by responding to the comprehension questions.
      • The big wave is made when  . . . 
        ocean water crashes into river water
        1. ocean water crashes into river water
        2. big trees crash into river water
        3. surfers crash into river water
        4. snakes crash into river water

      • Where is the Amazon River?
        1. Antarctica
        2. South America
        3. North America
        4. Asia

      • From the story, you can tell that some surfers  . . . 
        ride the big wave
        1. ride the big wave
        2. think the wave is small and weak
        3. collect the wood
        4. catch the snakes

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