Mar 2, 2017


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  • Study box. Read these sentences carefully.

    1. What Manuela really wanted was to get married and settle down.
    2. I’m going to travel for six months before settling down with a career.
    3. Jack had settled down with his new wife in a small town near London.
    • Use the sentences in the study box to help you do these exercises.
      • If a person settles down, which of the following might they do? More than one answer is correct.
        • get married
        • travel a lot
        • have a lot of boyfriends or girlfriends
        • start living in one place
        • start a family

      • Which of these are grammatically possible?
        • I settled down.
        • I settled myself down.
        • I was settled down.

    • What would you say in the following situations? Use a form of ‘settle down’ in your answers and anything else that is necessary.
      • You want to know when your friend is going to stop living a crazy life.

        • You are very surprised that Jim has decided to get married.
          Jim! I never thought he would

          • Your brother is 35, doesn’t have a regular job and goes out every night.
            Isn’t it time he

            • You are enjoying life as a college student, especially the parties.
              I don’t just yet.

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