Apr 4, 2016

Speak English like an American (review for LESSONS 1–25)

32 cards
, 32 answers
  • Type in the blanks with the missing words to check your knowledge of the idioms from LESSONS 1–25.
    1. Part 1

      doctor       ○      sleeves       ○      shot       ○      deal       ○      done       ○      rule       ○      piece       ○      books       ○      pulling       ○      beat
      1. On a hot day like today, an ice cream stick is just what the ordered!

        1. Pfizer really wanted Tanya to accept their job offer, so they agreed to sweeten the .

          1. We’ve only got two hours to finish this project. Let’s roll up our and start working.

            1. The English teacher gave her students a useful of thumb. She told them not to repeat the same adjectives too many times in one essay.

              1. If you studied your idioms, this crossword puzzle should be a of cake.

                1. Ted around the bush before telling his parents that he failed his test.

                  1. You have an exam tomorrow morning? You’d better start hitting the !

                    1. You think Al should tell his boss that she’s wrong? Easier said than !

                      1. The US team did not win the World Cup, but they gave it their best .

                        1. Todd doesn’t like reading. It’s like teeth to get him to read anything.

                        2. Part 2

                          world       ○      news       ○      meet       ○      over       ○      mind       ○      touch       ○      bargain       ○      matter       ○      sold       ○      owl       ○      rich
                          1. Vivian is a night . She never goes to sleep before midnight.

                            1. Good luck at the casino. Hopefully you’ll strike it !

                              1. Mmm, this chocolate cake is out of this !

                                1. Julie was very upset when her landlord increased her rent by 25 percent. Now she doesn’t know how she’ll make ends .

                                  1. Oh, you’re finally home. That’s a load off my !

                                    1. Joe wants to join the army, but he hasn’t yet broken the to his mom.

                                      1. Stop jumping up and down on the bed! If it breaks, it’ll be no laughing .

                                        1. Frank, our best salesman, hasn’t made a sale all week. I’m afraid he’s lost his !

                                          1. Mark drove a hard and got two T-shirts for the price of one.

                                            1. Eva loves to travel. She’s traveled all the world.

                                              1. I wanted to buy The New York Times this morning, but by the time I got to the store, they had already out.

                                              2. Part 3

                                                heart       ○      bright       ○      winning       ○      out       ○      free       ○      free       ○      night       ○      top       ○      pigs       ○      tea       ○      green
                                                1. You look very tired. We’d better call it a and go home.

                                                  1. All of Brianna’s after-school activities cost money. Her parents are tired of shelling so much money.

                                                    1. Tom doesn’t want to go to the rock concert. Jazz is more his cup of .

                                                      1. Your team won four soccer games in a row? You’re on a streak.

                                                        1. Will Democrats and Republicans every stop fighting? When fly!

                                                          1. You’d better get up and early to finish your homework.

                                                            1. I know you had your set on going skiing this weekend, but I’m afraid there won’t be enough snow.

                                                              1. Jay didn’t cheat during the Scrabble game. He won and square.

                                                                1. Judy made a list of books for the book club to read, but she told members to feel to make other suggestions.

                                                                  1. You’re going on vacation to Aruba? I’m with envy.

                                                                    1. You paid $900 for that cappuccino maker? That’s really dollar!

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