Apr 4, 2016

Speak English like an American (review for LESSONS 11–15)

26 cards
, 50 answers
  • Choose the best substitute for the phrase in bold to check your knowledge of the idioms from LESSONS 11–15.
    1. Nicole didn’t want to go to the party, but her friend twisted her arm.
      1. agreed with her
      2. persuaded her
      3. hurt her arm

    2. Tattoos are all the rage. Many kids are getting them.
      1. very popular
      2. easy to get
      3. something that makes you angry

    3. Amber likes to design handbags as a hobby, but she’s not sure she could make a living at it.
      1. do it for the rest of her life
      2. earn enough money to support herself
      3. do it all day long

    4. If Ted doesn’t get going on his chemistry homework soon, he’s going to be up all night.
      1. stop doing
      2. start doing
      3. leave the house with

    5. Things are looking up for Bob. He’s already found a new job working for his wife.
      1. Bob’s situation is improving.
      2. Bob always focuses on positive things.
      3. Bob’s situation is getting worse.

    6. Susan volunteered to host 45 exchange students from China. Now she fears she’s bitten off more than she can chew.
      1. ordered too much Chinese food
      2. taken on a bigger task than she can handle
      3. accepted an easy assignment

    7. Nicole worked her tail off, making hundreds of posters for her campaign.
      1. worked very hard
      2. worked until her tail fell off
      3. made her friends work hard

    8. It’s crunch time. Ted has to write six papers in two days.
      1. It’s a very busy time.
      2. It’s a period of time filled with fun and laughter.
      3. It’s a time to relax.

    9. Jennifer treats her husband like dirt. I don’t know why he doesn’t just leave her.
      1. asks her husband to do the gardening
      2. is nasty to her husband
      3. is very nice to her husband

    10. Ted wanted to travel to Miami for a rock concert. His mother told him it was out of the question.
      1. a good idea
      2. still a possibility
      3. not a possibility

    11. Amber needs to go on a diet and lose 10 pounds, but it’s difficult for her because she has such a sweet tooth.
      1. she likes to eat sweets
      2. she has emotional problems
      3. she has a loose tooth

    12. My 95-year old neighbor was cutting her grass on a hot summer day. I offered to lend a hand.
      1. help her
      2. give her my hand
      3. drive her to the hospital

  • Type in the blanks with the missing words to check your knowledge of the idioms from LESSONS 11–15.

    crunch       ○      ball       ○      mind       ○      sweet       ○      tricks       ○      break       ○      dumps       ○      rage       ○      practice       ○      head       ○      twisted       ○      trick       ○      nervous       ○      basket
    1. When I don’t get eight hours of sleep, I feel like a case in the morning.

      1. I don’t like horror movies, but John my arm and I agreed to see Murder on Main Street.

        1. After her boyfriend broke up with her, Anna was feeling down in the .

          1. Bill thinks he’s the smartest guy in the world. His friends think he just has a big .

            1. Jim never thought he could sell designer watches on street corners, but his brother taught him the of the trade.

              1. You didn’t take out the garbage yet? Never ! I’ll do it myself.

                1. After the car accident, Betty was a wreck whenever she drove.

                  1. You’ve been working at the computer for hours. Why don’t you take a ?

                    1. My old job was boring. All I did was numbers all day.

                      1. Susan used to sing opera, but she hasn’t sung in years. She’s out of .

                        1. Donna ate the whole apple pie herself. I guess she has a tooth.

                          1. Mini-skirts were all the last summer.

                            1. My car wasn’t running well so I changed the oil. That should do the .

                              1. Bob went to the Village Market to get the rolling on the cookie business.

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