Oct 28, 2017

TOEFL vocabulary: Zeal-Zenith (Part III) 9 of 9

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    Congratulations! You have now completed the TOEFL Vocabulary AudioLearn course and familiarized yourself with 505 of the most common vocabulary words on  . . . 
    the test. Remember to listen to the audio book multiple times to help solidify the information. Many people find it especially useful to listen to the audio book right before they go to sleep or first thing in the morning. Others find it most effective when they leave the course on in the background as they do other things like housework walking or driving. In addition, remember that you can listen to all or parts of the audio book. Try breaking the audiobook up in shorter groups of words. Master these words and then move on to the next set of words. The most important thing to remember is to listen to the audio book until you feel confident in your ability to understand these words. One last point here to improve your TOEFL score. As you take the test you will see many of these words. If you don’t remember a word right away don’t panic. Try to figure out the word based on its context. Many times you can figure out a word’s meaning from the way it is used in the sentence. We wish you good luck on your upcoming TOEFL and you’re continuing study of the English language.

    • 503. Zeal
      Z. E. A. L. — Enthusiasm. Passion. Eagerness.
      For example.
      The antonym for zeal is apathy.
      For example.
      ⇢      His zeal for education shows in his grades.

      • 504. Zealot
        Z. E. A. L. O. T. — Fanatic. Devotee. Advocate.
        The antonym for zealot is skeptic.
        The following sentence illustrates its usage.
        ⇢      The religious zealot yelled out to the people walking by but nobody paid attention to him.

        • 505. Zenith
          Z. E. N. I. T. H. — Peak. Summit. High point.
          The antonym for zenith is nadir.
          Listen to its usage in this sentence.
          ⇢      When the sun is at its zenith it is noon.

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