Mar 2, 2017

TURN something DOWN

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  • Study box. Read these sentences carefully.

    1. I put the radio on loud, but Dad shouted to me to turn the volume down.
    2. He turned down the sound on the TV set but left the picture on the screen.
    3. If the music’s too loud for you, why didn’t you ask me to turn it down?
    4. Victor asked for the lights to be turned down low while he sang.
    • Use the sentences in the study box to help you do these exercises.
      • Complete the meaning of this use of turn something down by using the words below:

        reduce       •       equipment       •       noise       •       controls

        to adjust the on a piece of in order to the amount of heat, or light that is produced

        • Which of these are grammatically possible?
          • He turned down.
          • He turned the volume down.
          • He turned down the volume.
          • He turned it down.
          • The volume was turned down.

      • Complete the following sentences in an appropriate way, using ‘turn something down’:
        • I can’t hear myself think in here! Can you (music)

          • It’s very hot in here. Do you mind if I a bit? (heating)

            • The television was still on, but the sound had been

              • She didn’t want the sauce to boil so she (gas)

                • He wanted a romantic atmosphere so he put on some music and low. (lights)

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