Nov 10, 2016

UNIT 1 • Present continuous (I am doing)

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  • Complete the sentences with one of the following verbs in the correct form:

    come       ○      get       ○      happen       ○      look       ○      make       ○      start       ○      stay       ○      try       ○      work
    • ‘You hard today.’ ‘Yes, I have a lot to do.’
      I for Christine. Do you know where she is?
      It dark. Shall I turn on the light?
      They haven’t got anywhere to live at the moment. They with friends until they find somewhere.
      ‘Are you ready, Ann?’ ~ ‘Yes, I
      Have you got an umbrella? It to rain.
      You a lot of noise. Could you be quieter? I to concentrate.
      Why are all these people here? What

    • Use the words in brackets to complete the questions.
      • this week?’ ~ ‘No, he’s on holiday.’ (Colin / work)
        Why at me like that? What’s the matter? (you / look)
        ‘Jenny is a student at university.’ ~ ‘Is she? What ?’ (she / study)
        to the radio or can I turn it off? (anybody / listen)
        How is your English? better? (it / get)

      • Put the verb into the correct form. Sometimes you need the negative (‘I’m not doing’ etc.).
        • I’m tired. I (go) to bed now. Goodnight!
          We can go out now. It (rain) any more.
          ‘How is your new job?’ ‘Not so good at the moment. I (enjoy) it very much.’
          Catherine phoned me last night. She’s on holiday in France. She (have) a great time and doesn’t want to come back.
          I want to lose weight, so this week I (eat) lunch.
          Angela has just started evening classes. She (learn) German.
          I think Paul and Ann have had an argument. They (speak) to each other.

        • Read this conversation between Brian and Sarah. Put the verbs into the correct form.
          • Sarah:       Brian! How nice to see you! What (you / do) these days?
            Brian:       I (train) to be a supermarket manager.
            Sarah:       Really? What’s it like? (you / enjoy) it?
            Brian:       It’s all right. What about you?
            Sarah:       Well, actually I (not / work) at the moment. I (try) to find a job but it’s not easy. But I’m very busy. I (decorate) my flat.
            Brian:        (you / do) it alone?
            Sarah:       No, some friends of mine (help) me.

          • Complete the sentences using one of these verbs:

            get       ○      change       ○      rise       ○      fall       ○      increase
            • You don’t have to use all the verbs and you can use a verb more than once.
              • The population of the world very fast.
                Ken is still ill but he better slowly.
                The world . Things never stay the same.
                The cost of living . Every year things are more expensive.
                The economic situation is already very bad and it worse.

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