Dec 15, 2016

UNIT 102 • Enough and too

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  • Complete these sentences using ‘enough’ with one of the following adjectives or nouns:

    big       ○      old       ○      warm       ○      well
    cups       ○      milk       ○      money       ○      qualifications       ○      room       ○      time
    • She shouldn’t get married yet. She’s not
      I’d like to buy a car but I haven’t got
      Have you got in your tea or would you like some more?
      Are you Or shall I switch on the heating?
      It’s only a small car. There isn’t for all of you.
      Steve didn’t feel to go to work this morning.
      I didn’t answer all the questions in the exam. I didn’t have
      Do you think I’ve got to apply for the job?
      Try this jacket on and see if it’s for you.
      There weren’t for everybody to have coffee at the same time.

    • Complete the answers to the questions. Use ‘too’ or ‘enough’ with the word in brackets.
      • A:       Is she going to get married?
        B:       No, she’s not (old)

        • A:       I need to talk to you about something.
          B:       Well, I’m afraid I’m to you now. (busy)

          • A:       Let’s go to the cinema.
            B:       No, it’s to the cinema. (late)

            • A:       Why don’t we sit in the garden?
              B:       It’s not in the garden. (warm)

              • A:       Would you like to be a politician?
                B:       No, I’m a politician. (nice)

                • A:       Do you want to play tennis today?
                  B:       No, I haven’t got tennis today. (energy)

                  • A:       Did you hear what he was saying?
                    B:       No, we were what he was saying. (far away)

                    • A:       Can he read a newspaper in English?
                      B:       No, he doesn’t know a newspaper. (English)

                    • Make one sentence from two. Complete the new sentence using ‘too’ or ‘enough’.
                      • We couldn’t eat the food. It was too hot.
                        The food was

                        • I can’t drink this coffee. It’s too hot.
                          This coffee is

                          • Nobody could move the piano. It was too heavy.
                            The piano

                            • I don’t wear this coat in winter. It isn’t warm enough.
                              This coat

                              • I can’t explain the situation. It is too complicated.
                                The situation

                                • Three people can’t sit on this sofa. It isn’t wide enough.
                                  This sofa

                                  • We couldn’t climb over the wall. It was too high.
                                    The wall

                                    • You can’t see some things without a microscope. They are too small.

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