Dec 16, 2016

UNIT 104 • Comparison (1) — cheaper, more expensive etc.

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  • Complete the sentences with one of the following adjectives using a comparative form (‘older’, ‘more important’ etc.):

    worse       ○      difficult       ○      strong       ○      good       ○      often       ○      happy       ○      small       ○      expensive       ○      warm       ○      interesting       ○      long       ○      quiet       ○      far
    • It’s too noisy here. Can we go somewhere
      This coffee is very weak. I like it a bit
      The hotel was surprisingly big. I expected it to be
      The hotel was surprisingly cheap. I expected it to be
      The weather is too cold in this country. I’d like to live somewhere
      My job is a bit boring sometimes. I’d like to do something
      I was surprised how easy it was to use the computer. I thought it would be
      Your work isn’t very good. I’m sure you can do
      Don’t worry. The situation isn’t so bad. It could be
      I was surprised we got here so quickly. I expected the journey to take
      You’re talking very loudly. Can you speak a bit
      You hardly ever phone me. Why don’t you phone me
      You’re standing too near the camera. Can you move a bit away?
      You were a bit depressed yesterday but you look today.

    • Complete the sentences. Each time use the comparative form of one of the words in the list. Use ‘than’ where necessary.

      big       ○      crowded       ○      early       ○      easily       ○      high       ○      important       ○      interested       ○      peaceful       ○      reliable       ○      serious       ○      simple       ○      thin
      • I was feeling tired last night, so I went to bed usual.
        I’d like to have a car. The one I’ve got keeps breaking down.
        Unfortunately her illness was we thought at first.
        You look Have you lost weight?
        I want a flat. We don’t have enough space here.
        He doesn’t study very hard. He’s in having a good time.
        Health and happiness are money.
        The instructions were very complicated. They could have been or They could have been
        There were a lot of people on the bus. It was usual.
        I like living in the countryside. It’s living in a town.
        You’ll find your way around the town if you have a good map.
        In some parts of the country, prices are in others.

      • Read the situations and complete the sentences. Use a comparative form (‘~er’ or ‘more …’).
        • Yesterday the temperature was nine degrees. Today it’s only six degrees.

          • The journey takes four hours by car and five hours by train.
            It takes

            • Dave and I went for a run. I ran ten kilometres. Dave stopped after eight kilometres.
              I ran

              • Chris and Joe both did badly in the exam. Chris got 20% but Joe only got 15%.
                Joe did

                • I expected my friends to arrive at about 4 o’clock. In fact they arrived at 2.30.
                  My friends

                  • You can go by bus or by train. The buses run every 30 minutes. The trains run every hour.
                    The buses
                    The buses

                    • We were very busy at work today. We’re not usually as busy as that.

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