Dec 17, 2016

UNIT 109 • Word order (2) — adverbs with the verb

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  • Rewrite the sentences correcting the position of the words in bold.

    • Tom goes always to work by car.

      • I cleaned the house and cooked also the dinner.

        • I have usually a shower when I get up.

          • We found soon the solution to the problem.

            • Steve gets hardly ever angry.

              • I did some shopping and I went also to the bank.

                • Jane has always to hurry in the morning because she gets up so late.

                  • We all were tired so we all fell asleep.

                    • She says always she’ll phone me but she never does.

                    • Rewrite the sentences to include the word in brackets.
                      • Ann doesn’t drink tea.
                        Ann (often)

                        • We were on holiday.
                          We (all)

                          • We were staying at the same hotel.
                            We (all)

                            • We enjoyed ourselves.
                              We (all)

                              • Catherine is very generous.
                                Catherine (always)

                                • I don’t have to work on Saturdays.
                                  I (usually)

                                  • Do you watch television in the evenings?
                                    Do (always)

                                    • Martin is learning French. He is learning Italian.
                                      Martin is learning French. He (also)

                                      • That hotel is very expensive.
                                        That (probably)

                                        • It costs a lot to stay there.
                                          It (probably)

                                          • I can help you.
                                            I (probably)

                                            • I can’t help you.
                                              I (probably)

                                            • Complete the sentences. Use the words in brackets in the correct order.
                                              • I her name. (remember / never / can)
                                                I sugar in coffee. (take / usually)
                                                I hungry when I get home from work. (am / usually)
                                                A: Where’s Jim?
                                                B: He home early. (gone has / probably)
                                                Mark and Diane in Manchester. (both were / born)
                                                Liz is a good pianist. She very well. (sing / also / can)
                                                Our car down. (often / breaks)
                                                They live in the same street as me but I to them. (never / have / spoken)
                                                We a long time for the bus. (have / always / to wait)
                                                My sight isn’t very good. I with glasses. (read / can / only)
                                                I early tomorrow. (probably / leaving / will / be)
                                                I’m afraid I able to come to the party. (probably / be I won’t)
                                                It’s difficult to contact Sue. She at home when I phone her. (is / hardly ever)
                                                We in the same place. We haven’t moved. (still / are / living)
                                                If we hadn’t taken the same train, we each other. (never / met / would / have)
                                                A: Are you tired?
                                                B: Yes, I at this time of day. (am / always)

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