Nov 10, 2016

UNIT 11 • How long have you (been) ...?

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  • Are the underlined verbs ‘RIGHT’ or ‘WRONG’? Correct them if they are wrong.
    • Bob is a friend of mine. I know him very well.
      • RIGHT or WRONG?

    • Bob is a friend of mine. I know him for a long time.
      • RIGHT or WRONG?

    • Sue and Alan are married since July.
      • RIGHT or WRONG?

    • The weather is awful. It is raining again.
      • RIGHT or WRONG?

    • The weather is awful. It is raining all day.
      • RIGHT or WRONG?

    • I like your house. How long are you living there?
      • RIGHT or WRONG?

    • Graham is working in a shop for the last few months.
      • RIGHT or WRONG?

    • I’m going to Paris tomorrow. I am staying there until next Friday.
      • RIGHT or WRONG?

    • ‘Do you still smoke?’ ~ ‘No, I gave it up. I don’t smoke for years.’
      • RIGHT or WRONG?

    • That’s a very old bicycle. How long do you have it?
      • RIGHT or WRONG?

  • Read the situations and write questions from the words in brackets.
    • John tells you that his mother is in hospital.
      You ask him:

      how long / be / in hospital?

      • You meet a woman who tells you that she teaches English.
        You ask her:

        how long / teach / English?

        • You know that Jane is a good friend of Carol’s.
          You ask Jane:

          how long / know / Carol?

          • Your friend’s brother went to Australia some time ago and he’s still there.
            You ask your friend:

            how long / be / in Australia?

            • Tim always wears the same jacket. It’s a very old jacket.
              You ask him:

              how long / have / that jacket?

              • You are talking to a friend about Alan. Alan now works at the airport.
                You ask your friend:

                how long / work / at the airport?

                • A friend of yours is having driving lessons.
                  You ask him:

                  how long / have / driving lessons?

                  • You meet somebody on a train. She tells you that she lives in Glasgow.
                    You ask her:

                    always / live / in Glasgow?

                  • Complete B’s answers to A’s questions.
                    • A:       Amy is in hospital, isn’t she?
                      B:       Yes, she in hospital since Monday.

                      • A:       Do you see Ann very often?
                        B:       No, I her for three months.

                        • A:       Is Margaret married?
                          B:       Yes, she married for ten years.

                          • A:       Are you waiting for me?
                            B:       Yes, I for the last half hour.

                            • A:       You know Linda, don’t you?
                              B:       Yes, we each other for ages.

                              • A:       Do you still play tennis?
                                B:       No, tennis for years.

                                • A:       Is Jim watching TV?
                                  B:       Yes, he TV all evening.

                                  • A:       Do you watch TV a lot?
                                    B:       No, I TV for a long time.

                                    • A:       Have you got a headache?
                                      B:       Yes, I a headache all morning.

                                      • A:       George is never ill, is he?
                                        B:       No, he ill since I’ve known him.

                                        • A:       Are you feeling ill?
                                          B:       Yes, I ill since I got up.

                                          • A:       Sue lives in London, doesn’t she?
                                            B:       Yes, she in London for the last few years.

                                            • A:       Do you still go to the cinema a lot?
                                              B:       No, I to the cinema for ages.

                                              • A:       Would you like to go to New York one day?
                                                B:       Yes, I to go to New York. (use always / want)

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