Dec 20, 2016

UNIT 117 • As if

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  • Use the sentences in the box to make sentences with ‘as if’.

          it has just been cut
          I’m going to be sick
          he hadn’t eaten for a week
          she was enjoying it
          she had hurt her leg
          he meant what he was saying
          he needs a good rest
          she didn’t want to come
    • Mark looks very tired.
      He looks

      • Sue was walking with difficulty.
        She looked

        • I don’t think he was joking.
          He looked

          • The grass is very short.
            It looks

            • Peter was extremely hungry and ate his dinner very quickly.
              He ate

              • Carol had a bored expression on her face during the concert.
                She didn’t look

                • I’ve just eaten too many chocolates. Now I’m feeling ill.
                  I feel

                  • I phoned Emma and invited her to the party but she wasn’t very enthusiastic about it.
                    She sounded

                  • What do you say in these situations? Use ‘You look’, ‘You sound’, ‘I feel as if …’ Use the words in brackets to make your sentence.
                    • You meet Bill. He has a black eye and some plasters on his face.
                      You say to him:
                      You (be / a fight)

                      • Christine comes into the room. She looks absolutely terrified.
                        You say to her:
                        What’s the matter? You (see / a ghost)

                        • Sarah is talking to you on the phone about her new job and she sounds very happy about it.
                          You say to her:
                          You (enjoy / it)
                          You (enjoy / it)

                          • You have just run one kilometre. You are absolutely exhausted.
                            You say to a friend:
                            I feel (run / a marathon)

                          • Make sentences beginning ‘It looks as if …’, ‘It sounds as if …’.

                            ○      you had a good time
                            ○      there’s been an accident
                            ○      they are having an argument
                            ○      it’s going to rain
                            ○      she isn’t coming
                            ○      we’ll have to walk
                            • Sandra said she would be here an hour ago.
                              You say:

                              • The sky is full of black clouds.
                                You say:

                                • You hear two people shouting at each other next door.
                                  You say:

                                  • You see an ambulance, some policemen and two damaged cars at the side of the road.
                                    You say:

                                    • You and a friend have just missed the last bus home.
                                      You say:

                                      • Sue and Dave have just been telling you about all the interesting things they did while they were on holiday. You say:

                                      • These sentences are like the ones in Section D. Complete each sentence using ‘as if … were’.
                                        • Brian is a terrible driver. He drives the only driver on the road.
                                          I’m 20 years old, so please don’t talk to me a child.
                                          Steve has only met Nicola once but he talks about her a close friend.
                                          It was a long time ago that we first met but I remember it yesterday.

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