Nov 10, 2016

UNIT 13 • Present perfect and past (1) (I have done and I did)

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  • What has happened in these situations?
    • Jack had a beard. Now he hasn’t got a beard.

      • Linda was here five minutes ago. Mow she’s in bed.

        • The temperature was 25 degrees. Now it is only 17.
          The temperature

          • The light was off. Now it is on.

            • The tree was only three metres high. Now it is four.
              The tree

              • The plane was on the runway a few minutes ago. Now it is in the air.
                The plane

              • Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form, present perfect or past simple.
                • ‘Where’s your key?’ ~ ‘I don’t know. I it.’ (lose)
                  I was very tired, so I lay down on the bed and went to sleep. (be)
                  Mary to Australia for a while but she’s back again now. (go)
                  ‘Where’s Ken?’ ~ ‘He out. He’ll be back in about an hour.’ (go)
                  I did German at school but I most of it. (forget)
                  I meant to phone Diane last night but I (forget)
                  I a headache earlier but I feel fine now. (have)
                  Look! There’s an ambulance over there. There an accident. (be)
                  They’re still building the new road. They it. (not / finish)
                  ‘Is Helen still here?’ ‘No, she out.’ (just / go)
                  The police three people but later they let them go. (arrest)
                  Ann me her address but I’m afraid I it. (give / lose)
                  Where’s my bike? It outside the house. It (be / disappear)
                  What do you think of my English? Do you think I (improve)

                • Are the underlined parts of these sentences ‘RIGHT’ or ‘WRONG’? Correct the ones that are wrong.
                  • Do you know about Sue? She’s given up her job.
                    • RIGHT or WRONG?

                  • The Chinese have invented printing.
                    • RIGHT or WRONG?

                  • How many plays has Shakespeare written?
                    • RIGHT or WRONG?

                  • Have you read any of Shakespeare’s plays?
                    • RIGHT or WRONG?

                  • Aristotle has been a Greek philosopher.
                    • RIGHT or WRONG?

                  • Ow! I’ve cut my finger. It’s bleeding.
                    • RIGHT or WRONG?

                  • My grandparents have got married in London.
                    • RIGHT or WRONG?

                  • Where have you been born?
                    • RIGHT or WRONG?

                  • Mary isn’t at home. She’s gone shopping.
                    • RIGHT or WRONG?

                  • Albert Einstein has been the scientist who has developed the theory of relativity.
                    • RIGHT or WRONG?

                • (Section C) Put the verb into the most suitable form, present perfect or past simple.
                  • A:       Look! Somebody (spill) coffee on the carpet.
                    B:       Well, it (not / be) me. I (not / do) it.

                    • A:       Ben (break) his leg.
                      B:       Really? How (that / happen)
                      A:       He (fall) off a ladder.

                      • A:       Your hair looks nice. (you / have) a haircut?
                        B:       Yes.
                        A:       Who (cut) it? (you / go) to the hairdresser?
                        B:       No, a friend of mine (do) it for me.

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