Dec 25, 2016

UNIT 135 • Verb + preposition (5) in / into / with / to / on

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  • Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.
    • There was a collision between a bus and a car.
      A bus collided

      • I don’t mind big cities but I prefer small towns.
        I prefer

        • I got all the information I needed from Jill.
          Jill provided me

          • This morning I bought a pair of shoes which cost 60 pounds.
            This morning I spent

          • Complete the sentences using one of the following verbs (in the correct form) + the correct preposition:

            believe       ○      concentrate       ○      divide       ○      drive       ○      fill it       ○      happen       ○      insist       ○      succeed
            • I wanted to go alone but Sue coming with me.
              I haven’t seen Harry for ages. I wonder what has him.
              I was driving along when the car in front of me stopped suddenly. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop in time and the back of it.
              It’s a very large house. It’s four flats.
              I don’t ghosts. I think people only imagine that they see them.
              Steve gave me an empty bucket and told me to water.
              Don’t try and do two things together. one thing at a time.
              It wasn’t easy but in the end we finding a solution to the problem.

            • Put in the correct preposition.
              • The school provides all its students books.
                A strange thing happened me a few days ago.
                Mark decided to give up sport so that he could concentrate his studies.
                I don’t believe working very hard. It’s not worth it.
                My present job isn’t wonderful, but I prefer it what I did before.
                I hope you succeed getting what you want.
                As I was coming out of the room, I collided somebody who was coming in.
                There was an awful noise as the car crashed a tree.
                Jim is a photographer. He specializes sports photography.
                Do you spend much money clothes?
                The country is divided six regions.
                I prefer travelling by train driving. It’s much more pleasant.
                Somebody broke my car and stole the radio.
                I felt quite cold but Peter insisted having the window open.
                Some words are difficult to translate one language another.
                What happened the money I lent you? What did you spend it
                The teacher decided to split the class four groups.
                I filled the tank but unfortunately I filled it the wrong kind of petrol.

              • Use your own ideas to complete these sentences. Use a preposition.
                • I wanted to go out alone but my friend insisted (come / I)
                  I spend quite a lot of money (books)
                  I saw the accident. The car crashed (a wall)
                  Sarah prefers basketball (volleyball)
                  Shakespeare’s plays have been translated (many / languages)

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