Nov 10, 2016

UNIT 17 • Have and have got

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  • Write negative sentences with ‘have’. Some are present (‘can’t’) and some are past (‘couldn’t’).
    • I can’t make a phone call.
      I or I (any change)

      • I couldn’t read the notice.
        I (my glasses)

        • I can’t climb up onto the roof.
          I or I (a ladder)

          • We couldn’t visit the museum.
            We (enough time)

            • He couldn’t find his way to our house.
              (a map)

              • She can’t pay her bills.
                or (any money)

                • They can’t get into the house.
                  or (a key)

                  • I couldn’t take any photographs.
                    (a camera)

                  • Complete these questions with ‘have’. Some are present and some are past.
                    • Excuse me, a pen I could borrow? (have)
                      Why are you holding your face like that? a toothache? (do)
                      a bicycle when you were a child? (do)
                      the time, please?’ ~ ‘Yes, it’s ten past seven.’ (do)
                      When you did the exam, time to answer all the questions? (do)
                      I need a stamp for this letter. one? (have)
                      ‘It started to rain while I was walking home.’ ~ ‘Did it? an umbrella?’ (do)

                    • In this exercise you have to write sentences about yourself. Choose four of the following things (or you can choose something else):
                      a car       ○      a bicycle       ○      a moped       ○      a guitar       ○      a computer       ○      a camera       ○      a driving licence       ○      a job       ○      a dog / a cat (or another animal)

                      Have you got these things now? Did you have them ten years ago? Write two sentences each time using ‘I’ve got’, ‘I haven’t got’ and ‘I had’, ‘I didn’t have’.
                      • Now
                        (a car)
                        (a bicycle)
                        (not / a guitar)
                        (a dog)

                        • Ten years ago (or five if you’re too young)
                          (not / a car)
                          (not / a bicycle)
                          (a guitar)
                          (a dog)

                        • Complete these sentences. Use an expression from the list and put the verb into the correct form where necessary.

                          have lunch       ○      have a swim       ○      have a nice time       ○      have a chat       ○      have a cigarette       ○      have a rest       ○      have a good flight       ○      have a baby       ○      have a shower       ○      have a party       ○      have a look
                          • I don’t eat much during the day. I never
                            David likes to keep fit, so he every day.
                            We last Saturday. It was great—we invited lots of people.
                            Excuse me, can I at your newspaper, please?
                            ‘Where’s Jim?’ ~ ‘He in his room. He’s very tired.’
                            I met Ann in the supermarket yesterday. We stopped and
                            I haven’t seen you since you came back from holiday.
                            Suzanne a few weeks ago. It’s her second child.
                            I don’t usually smoke but I was feeling very nervous, so I
                            The phone rang but I couldn’t answer it because I
                            You meet Tom at the airport. He has just arrived. You say: Hello, Tom.

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