Nov 10, 2016

UNIT 33 • Should (1)

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  • For each situation write a sentence with ‘should …’ or ‘shouldn’t …’ + one of the following.

    go away for a few days       ○      go to bed so late       ○      look for another job       ○      put some pictures on the walls       ○      take a photograph       ○      use her car so much
    • Liz needs a change.

      • My salary is very low.

        • Jack always has difficulty getting up.

          • What a beautiful view!

            • Sue drives everywhere. She never walks.

              • Bill’s room isn’t very interesting.

              • Read the situations and write sentences with ‘I think / I don’t think … should …’.
                • Peter and Judy are planning to get married. You think it’s a bad idea.
                  I don’t think (get married)

                  • You don’t like smoking, especially in restaurants.
                    I think (be banned)

                    • I have a very bad cold but I plan to go out this evening. You don’t think this is a good idea.
                      You say to me: I don’t (go out)

                      • You are fed up with the government. You think they have made too many mistakes.

                      • Complete the sentences with ‘should (have) …’ + the verb in brackets.
                        • Margaret the exam. She’s been studying very hard. (pass)
                          You missed a great party last night. You (come)
                          We don’t see you enough. You and see us more often. (come)
                          I’m in a difficult position. What do you think I (do)
                          I’m sorry that I didn’t take your advice. I what you said. (do)
                          I’m playing tennis with Jill tomorrow. She —she’s much better than me. (win)
                          We lost the match but we We were the better team. (win)
                          ‘Is John here yet?’ ~ ‘Not yet, but he here soon.’ (be)
                          I posted the letter three days ago, so it by now. (arrive)

                        • Read the situations and write sentences with ‘should’, ‘shouldn’t’. Some of the sentences are past and some are present.
                          • I’m feeling sick. I ate too much.

                            • That man on the motorbike isn’t wearing a helmet. That’s dangerous.

                              • When we got to the restaurant, there were no free tables. We hadn’t reserved one.

                                • The notice says that the shop is open every day from 8.30. It is 9 o’clock now but the shop isn’t open yet.
                                  The shop or The shop

                                  • The speed limit is 30 miles an hour, but Catherine is doing 50.
                                    She or She

                                    • I went to Paris. A friend of mine lives in Paris but I didn’t go to see him while I was there.
                                      When I saw him later, he said: You

                                      • I was driving behind another car. Suddenly, the driver in front stopped without warning and I drove into the back of his car. It wasn’t my fault.
                                        in front shouldn’t have stopped without warning.

                                        • I walked into a wall. I wasn’t looking where I was going.
                                          I or I

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