Nov 10, 2016

UNIT 35 • Had better, it’s time

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  • Complete the sentences. Sometimes you need only one word, sometimes two.
    • I need some money. I’d better to the bank.
      John is expecting you to phone him. You better do it now.
      ‘Shall I leave the window open?’ ~ ‘No, you’d better it.’
      We’d better leave as soon as possible, we?
      It’s time the government something about the problem.
      It’s time something about the problem.
      I think it’s about time you about me instead of only thinking about yourself.

    • Read the situations and write sentences with ‘had better’. Use the words in brackets.
      • You’re going out for a walk with Tom. It might rain.
        You say to Tom:
        We’d (umbrella)

        • Jack has just cut himself. It’s quite a bad cut.
          You say to him:

          • You and Ann plan to go to a restaurant this evening. It’s a very popular restaurant.
            You say to Ann:
            (table / reserve)

            • Jill doesn’t look very well—not well enough to go to work.
              You say to her:
              (go / work)

              • You received your phone bill four weeks ago but you haven’t paid it yet. If you don’t pay very soon, you could be in trouble.
                You say to yourself:

                • You want to go out but you’re expecting an important phone call.
                  You say to your friend:
                  (go out)

                  • You and Fiona are going to the theatre. You’ve missed the bus and you don’t want to be late.
                    You say to Fiona:
                    (take / taxi)

                  • Put in ‘had better’ or ‘should’. Sometimes either is possible.
                    • I have an appointment in ten minutes. I  . . . 
                      had better
                      go now or I’ll be late.
                      • had better
                      • should

                    • It’s a great film. You  . . . 
                      go and see it. You’ll really like it.
                      • had better
                      • should

                    • I  . . . 
                      get up early tomorrow. I’ve got a lot to do.
                      • had better
                      • should

                    • When people are driving, they  . . . 
                      keep their eyes on the road.
                      • had better
                      • should

                    • Thank you for coming to see us. You  . . . 
                      come more often.
                      • should
                      • had better

                    • She’ll be upset if we don’t invite her to the wedding, so we  . . . 
                      had better
                      invite her.
                      • should
                      • had better

                    • These biscuits are delicious. You  . . . 
                      try one.
                      • had better
                      • should

                    • I think everybody  . . . 
                      learn a foreign language.
                      • should
                      • had better

                  • Read the situations and write sentences with ‘It’s time (somebody) did (something)’.
                    • You think the children should be in bed. It’s already 11 o’clock.
                      It’s time the children

                      • You haven’t had a holiday for a very long time. You need one now.
                        It’s time I

                        • You’re waiting for Mary. She is late. Why isn’t she here yet?
                          It’s time she

                          • You’re sitting on a train waiting for it to leave the station. It’s already five minutes late.

                            • You enjoy having parties. You haven’t had one for a long time.

                              • The company you work for is badly run. You think there should be some changes.

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