Nov 13, 2016

UNIT 37 • If I do ... and If I did ...

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  • Put the verb into the correct form.
    • They would be rather offended if I to see them. (not / go)
      If you took more exercise, you better. (feel)
      If I was offered the job, I think I it. (take)
      I’m sure Amy will lend you the money. I’d be very surprised if she (refuse)
      If I sold my car, I much money for it. (not / get)
      A lot of people would be out of work if the factory (be / close down)
      What would happen if I that red button? (press)
      Liz gave me this ring. She very upset if I lost it. (be)
      Mark and Carol are expecting us. They would be disappointed if we (not / come)
      Would Tim mind if I his bicycle without asking him? (borrow)
      If somebody in here with a gun, I’d be very frightened. (walk)
      I’m sure Sue if you explained the situation to her. (understand)

    • You ask a friend questions. Use ‘What would you do if …?’.
      • Maybe one day your friend will win a lot of money.
        What would you do if

        • Your friend’s car has never been stolen but perhaps one day it will be.
          What (was)

          • Perhaps one day your friend will lose his/her passport.

            • There has never been a fire in the building.

            • Answer the questions in the way shown.
              • A:       Shall we catch the 10.30 train?
                B:       No. If we caught the 10.30 train, (arrive / too early)

                • A:       Is Ken going to take the examination?
                  B:       No. If he (fall)

                  • A:       Why don’t we stay at a hotel?
                    B:       No. If (cost too much money)

                    • A:       Is Sally going to apply for the job?
                      B:       No. If (not / get it)

                      • A:       Let’s tell them the truth.
                        B:       No. If (not / believe us)

                        • A:       Why don’t we invite Bill to the party?
                          B:       No. (have to invite his friends too)

                        • Use your own ideas to complete these sentences.
                          • If you took more exercise,
                            feel better

                            • I’d feel very angry if
                              somebody / break into / my house

                              • If I didn’t go to work tomorrow,
                                have / much / good / day / than / usual

                                • Would you go to the party
                                  you / invite

                                  • If you bought some new clothes,
                                    look / much nicer

                                    • Would you mind if
                                      I / not / come out / with / you / this evening

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