Nov 10, 2016

UNIT 4 • Present continuous and present simple (2) (I am doing and I do)

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  • Are the underlined verbs ‘RIGHT’ or ‘WRONG’? Correct the ones that are wrong.
    • I am seeing the manager tomorrow morning.
      • RIGHT or WRONG?

    • I am feeling hungry. Is there anything to eat?
      • RIGHT or WRONG?

    • Are you believing in God?
      • RIGHT or WRONG?

    • This sauce is great. It is tasting really good.
      • RIGHT or WRONG?

    • I am thinking this is your key. Am I right?
      • RIGHT or WRONG?

  • Look at the pictures. Use the words in brackets to make sentences. (You should also study UNIT 3 before you do this exercise.)

    • you / not / seem / very happy today.

      • ’ ~ ‘Be quiet! ’ (I / think.)
        what / you / do?

        • ’ ~ ‘I’ve no idea.’
          who / this umbrella / belong to?

          • the dinner / smell / good.

            • ‘Excuse me. ’ ~ ‘No, it’s free.’
              anybody / sit / here?

              • ‘Can you ring me back in half an hour?’ ~ ‘ ’ (I / have / dinner.)

              • Put the verb into the correct form, present continuous or present simple.
                • Are you hungry? something to eat? (you / want)
                  Jill is interested in politics but she to a political party. (not / belong)
                  Don’t put the dictionary away. I it. (use)
                  Don’t put the dictionary away. I it. (need)
                  Who is that man? What ? (he / want)
                  Who is that man? Why at us? (he / look)
                  George says he’s 80 years old but nobody him. (believe)
                  She told me her name but I it now. (not / remember)
                  of selling my car. (think) Would you be interested in buying it?
                  I you should sell your car. (think) You it very often. (not / use)
                  I used to drink a lot of coffee but these days I tea. (prefer)
                  Air mainly of nitrogen and oxygen. (consist)

                • Complete the sentences using the most suitable form of ‘be’. Sometimes you must use the simple (‘am’, ‘is’, ‘are’) and sometimes the continuous is more suitable (‘am / is / are being’).
                  • I can’t understand why he so selfish. He isn’t usually like that.
                    Jack very nice to me at the moment. I wonder why.
                    You’ll like Jill when you meet her. She very nice.
                    Normally you are very sensible, so why so silly about this matter?
                    Why isn’t Sarah at work today? ill?

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