Nov 17, 2016

UNIT 46 • Reported speech (1) (He said that ...)

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  • Yesterday you met a friend of yours, Charlie. Later that day you tell another friend what Charlie said. Use reported speech. Here are some of the things Charlie said to you:
    • I’m living in London now.
      Charlie said that

      • My father isn’t very well.
        He said

        • Sharon and Paul are getting married next month.

          • Margaret has had a baby.
            He said that

            • I don’t know what Fred is doing.
              She said

              • I saw Helen at a party in June and she seemed fine.
                He said
                He said

                • I haven’t seen Diane recently.

                  • I’m not enjoying my job very much.

                    • You can come and stay at my flat if you are ever in London.

                      • My car was stolen a few weeks ago.

                        • I want to go on holiday but I can’t afford it.

                          • I’ll tell Ann I saw you.
                            He said
                            He said

                          • Somebody says something to you which is the opposite of what they said before. Write a suitable answer beginning ‘I thought you said …’.
                            • A:       That restaurant is expensive.
                              B:       Is it? I thought you said (cheap)

                              • A:       Ann is coming to the party tonight.
                                B:       Is she? I thought you (not / come)

                                • A:       Ann likes Paul.
                                  B:       Does she? I thought (not / like)

                                  • A:       I know lots of people.
                                    B:       Do you? I thought you said (not / know / many people)

                                    • A:       I’ll be here next week.
                                      B:       Will you? (not / will)

                                      • A:       I’m going out this evening.
                                        B:       Are you? (stay / home)

                                        • A:       I can speak a little French.
                                          B:       Can you? (not / can / any French)

                                          • A:       I haven’t been to the cinema for ages.
                                            B:       Haven’t you? (not / be / last week)

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