Nov 20, 2016

UNIT 51 • Question tags (do you? isn’t it? etc.)

30 cards
, 30 answers
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  • Put a question tag on the end of these sentences.
    • A:       Tom won’t be late,
      B:       No, he’s never late.

      • A:       You’re tired,
        B:       Yes, a little.

        • A:       You’ve got a camera,
          B:       Yes, why? Do you want to borrow it?

          • A:       You weren’t listening,
            B:       Yes, I was!

            • A:       Sue doesn’t know Ann,
              B:       No, they’ve never met.

              • A:       Jack’s on holiday,
                B:       Yes, he’s in Portugal.

                • A:       Ann’s applied for the job,
                  B:       Yes, but she won’t get it.

                  • A:       You can speak German,
                    B:       Yes, but not very fluently.

                    • A:       He won’t mind if I use his phone,
                      B:       No, of course he won’t.

                      • A:       There are a lot of people here,
                        B:       Yes, more than I expected.

                        • A:       Let’s go out tonight,
                          B:       Yes, let’s.

                          • A:       This isn’t very interesting,
                            B:       No, not very.

                            • A:       I’m too impatient,
                              B:       Yes, you are sometimes.

                              • A:       You wouldn’t tell anyone,
                                B:       No, of course not.

                                • A:       Listen,
                                  B:       OK, I’m listening.

                                  • A:       I shouldn’t have lost my temper,
                                    B:       No, but never mind.

                                    • A:       Don’t drop that vase,
                                      B:       No, don’t worry.

                                      • A:       He’d never met her before,
                                        B:       No, that was the first time.

                                      • Read the situation and write a sentence with a question tag. In each situation you are asking your friend to agree with you.

                                        What do you say to your friend?
                                        • You look out of the window. The sky is blue and the sun is shining.
                                          It’s a (beautiful day)

                                          • You’re with a friend outside a restaurant. You’re looking at the prices, which are very high.
                                            It’s (very expensive)

                                            • You’ve just come out of the cinema with a friend’. You really enjoyed the film.
                                              The film (great)

                                              • You and a friend are listening to a woman singing. You like her voice very much.
                                                She (have / a lovely voice)

                                                • You are trying on a jacket. You look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see.
                                                  It (not / took / very good)

                                                  • Your friend’s hair is much shorter than when you last met.
                                                    You (have / your hair / cut)

                                                    • You and a friend are walking over a wooden bridge. It is very old and some parts are broken.
                                                      This bridge (not / very safe)

                                                    • In these situations you are asking for information and asking people to do things. Make sentences like those in Section C.
                                                      • You need a pen. Perhaps Jane has got one.
                                                        Ask her.
                                                        Jane, you

                                                        • Jack is just going out. You want him to get you some stamps.
                                                          Ask him.
                                                          Jack, you

                                                          • You’re looking for Ann. Perhaps Kate knows where she is.
                                                            Ask her.
                                                            Kate, you

                                                            • You need a bicycle pump. Perhaps Helen has got one.
                                                              Ask her.
                                                              Helen, you

                                                              • You’re looking for your keys. Perhaps Robin has seen them.
                                                                Ask him.

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