Nov 28, 2016

UNIT 64 • Adjective + to ...

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  • (Section A) Write these sentences in another way, beginning as shown.
    • It’s difficult to understand him.

      • It’s quite easy to use this machine.
        This machine

        • It was very difficult to open the window.
          The window

          • It’s impossible to translate some words.
            Some words

            • It’s not safe to stand on that chair.
              That chair

              • It’s expensive to maintain a car.
                A car

              • (Section A) Complete the second sentence using the adjective in brackets. Use ‘a / an …’ +adjective + noun + ‘to …’ (as in the example).
                • I couldn’t answer the question.
                  It was a (difficult)

                  • Everybody makes that mistake.
                    It’s an (easy)

                    • I like living in this place.
                      It’s a (nice)

                      • We enjoyed watching the game.
                        It was a (good)

                      • (Section B) Make a new sentence beginning ‘It …’. Use one of these adjectives each time:

                        careless       ○      considerate       ○      kind       ○      nice
                        • You did my shopping for me.
                          It was

                          • You make the same mistake again and again.

                            • Don and Jenny invited me to stay with them.
                              It was

                              • John made so much noise when I was trying to sleep.
                                It wasn’t very

                              • (Section C) Use the following words to complete these sentences:

                                sorry / hear       ○      glad / hear       ○      delighted / get       ○      surprised / see
                                • We your letter last week.
                                  Thank you for your letter. I that you’re keeping well.
                                  We Pauline at the party. We didn’t expect her to come.
                                  I that your mother isn’t well. I hope she gets well soon.

                                • (Section D) Complete the second sentence using the words in brackets + ‘to …’.
                                  • Nobody left before me.
                                    I was (the first person)

                                    • Everybody else arrived before Paul.
                                      Paul was the last to arrive. (the last)

                                      • Fiona passed the exam. All the other students failed.
                                        Fiona was (the only student)

                                        • I complained to the restaurant manager about the service. Another customer had already complained before me.
                                          I was (the second customer)

                                          • Nell Armstrong walked on the moon in 1969. Nobody had done this before him.
                                            Neil Armstrong was (the first man)

                                          • (Section E) Complete these sentences using the word in brackets and a suitable verb.
                                            • Diane is very intelligent. She the exam. (bound)
                                              I’m not surprised you’re tired. After such a long journey you tired. (bound)
                                              Tom’s got a very bad memory. He what you told him. (sure)
                                              I don’t think you need to take an umbrella. It (not likely)
                                              The holidays begin this weekend. There a lot of traffic on the roads. (likely)

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