Nov 28, 2016

UNIT 66 • See somebody do and see somebody doing

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  • Complete the answers to the questions.
    • A:       Did anybody go out?
      B:       I don’t know. I didn’t see

      • A:       Has Jill arrived yet?
        B:       Yes, I think I heard

        • A:       How do you know I took the money?
          B:       I know because I saw

          • A:       Did the doorbell ring?
            B:       I’m not sure. I didn’t hear

            • A:       Can Tom play the piano?
              B:       I’ve never heard

              • A:       Did I lock the door when I went out?
                B:       Yes, you did. I saw

                • A:       How did the woman fall in the river?
                  B:       I don’t know. I didn’t see

                • In each of these situations you and a friend saw, heard or smelt something. Look at the pictures and complete the sentences.
                  • Look! There’s Ann. She is waiting for a bus.
                    We saw Ann

                    • Look! There’s Dave and Helen. They are playing tennis.
                      We saw

                      • Look! There’s Clare. She is eating in a restaurant.
                        We saw

                        • Listen. That’s Bill. He is playing the guitar.
                          We heard

                          • Can you smell burning? Yes! It’s the dinner. It’s burning!
                            We could

                            • Look! There’s Linda. She is jogging.
                              We saw

                            • Complete these sentences. Use one of these verbs (in the correct form):

                              climb       ○      come       ○      crawl       ○      cry       ○      cycle       ○      explode       ○      happen       ○      open       ○      run       ○      say       ○      slam       ○      sleep       ○      tell
                              • Listen to the birds
                                I didn’t hear you in.
                                Did anybody see the accident
                                We listened to the old man his story from beginning to end.
                                Listen! Can you hear a baby
                                I looked out of the window and saw Tim on his bike along the road.
                                ‘Why did you turn round suddenly?’ ~ ‘I thought I heard somebody my name.’
                                We watched the two men across the garden a window and through it into the house.
                                Everybody heard the bomb It was a tremendous noise.
                                Oh! I can feel something up my leg! It must be an insect.
                                I heard somebody the door in the middle of the night. It woke me up.
                                When we got home, we found a cat on the kitchen table.

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