Dec 6, 2016

UNIT 81 • A friend of mine, My own house, On my own / by myself

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  • Write new sentences using the structure in Section A (‘a friend of mine’ etc.).
    • I am writing to one of my friends.
      I’m writing to

      • We met one of your relations.
        We met

        • Henry borrowed one of my books.

          • Ann invited some of her friends to her flat.
            Anne invited

            • We had dinner with one of our neighbours.
              We had dinner

              • I went on holiday with two of my friends.
                I went on

                • Is that man one of your friends?
                  Is that man

                  • I met one of Jane’s friends at the party.
                    I met

                  • Complete the sentences using ‘my own / your own …’ etc. + one of the following:

                    business       ○      ideas       ○      money       ○      private jet       ○      parliament       ○      room       ○      television
                    • I don’t want to share a room. I want
                      I don’t watch television with the rest of the family. I’ve got in my room.
                      Sue doesn’t need to borrow from me. She’s got
                      Julia is fed up with working for other people. She wants to start
                      Henry is extremely rich. He’s got
                      You can give him advice but he won’t listen. He’s got
                      The Isle of Man is an island off the coast of Britain. It is not completely independent but it has

                    • Complete the sentences using ‘my own / your own …’ etc. + one of the following:

                      fault       ○      ideas       ○      car       ○      decision       ○      problems
                      • Why do you want to borrow my car? Why can’t you use
                        How can you blame me? It’s not my fault. It’s
                        He’s always using my ideas. Why can’t he use
                        Please don’t worry about my problems. You’ve got
                        I can’t make her decisions for her. She must make

                      • Complete the sentences using ‘my own / your own’ etc. Choose one of these verbs:

                        bake       ○      cut       ○      make       ○      write
                        • Brian never goes to the hairdresser. He usually
                          Mary doesn’t often buy clothes. She usually
                          Paul is a singer. He sings songs written by other people but he also
                          We don’t often buy bread from a bakery. We

                        • Complete the sentences using ‘on my own / by myself’ etc.
                          • Did you go on holiday on
                            I’m glad I live with other people. I wouldn’t like to live on
                            The box was too heavy for me to lift by
                            A: Who was Tom with when you saw him?
                            B: Nobody. He was by
                            Very young children should not go swimming by
                            I don’t think she knows many people. When I see her, she is always by
                            I don’t like strawberries with cream. I like them on
                            Do you like working with other people or do you prefer working by
                            We had no help decorating the flat. We did it completely on
                            I went out with Sally because she didn’t want to go out on

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