Nov 10, 2016

UNIT 9 • Present perfect continuous (I have been doing)

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  • What have these people been doing or what has been happening?
    • They

    • Write a question for each situation.
      • John looks sunburnt.
        You ask:

        you / sit in the sun?

        • You have just arrived to meet a friend who is waiting for you.
          You ask:

          you / wait / long?

          • You meet a friend in the street. His face and hands are very dirty.
            You ask:

            what / you / do?

            • A friend of yours is now living in Baker Street. You want to know ‘How long …?’
              You ask:

              how long / you / live / in Baker Street?

              • A friend tells you about his job—he sells computers. You want to know ‘How long …?’
                You ask:

                how long / you / sell / computers?

              • Read the situations and complete the sentences.
                • The rain started two hours ago. It’s still raining now.
                  It for two hours.

                  • We started waiting for the bus 20 minutes ago. We’re still waiting now.
                    We for 20 minutes.

                    • I started Spanish classes in December. I’m still learning Spanish now.
                      I since December.

                      • Ann began looking for a job six months ago. She’s still looking now.
                        She for six months.

                        • Mary started working in London on 18 January. She’s still working there now.
                          She since 18 January.

                          • Years ago you started writing to a pen-friend. You still write to each other regularly now.
                            We for years.

                          • Put the verb into the present continuous (‘I am …~ing’ etc.) or present perfect continuous (‘I have been …~ing’ etc.).
                            • Maria (learn) English for two years.
                              Hello, Tom. I (look) for you all morning. Where have you been?
                              Why (you / took) at me like that? Stop it!
                              We always go to Ireland for our holidays. We (go) there for years.
                              I (think) about what you said and I’ve decided to take your advice.
                              ‘Is Ann on holiday this week?’ ~ ‘No, she (work).’
                              Sarah is very tired. She (work) very hard recently.

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