Dec 13, 2016

UNIT 96 • ~ing and ~ed clauses (the woman talking to Tom, the boy injured in the accident)

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  • Make one sentence from two. Use the information in brackets to make an ‘~ing’ clause. Sometimes the ‘~ing’ clause goes in the middle of the new sentence; sometimes it goes at the end.
    • I was woken up by a bell. (The bell was ringing.)
      I was woken up by

      • I didn’t talk much to the man. (The man was sitting next to me on the plane.)
        I didn’t talk much to the

        • The taxi broke down. (The taxi was taking us to the airport.)
          The taxi

          • At the end of the street there is a path. (The path leads to the river.)
            At the end of the street

            • A new factory has just opened in the town. (The factory employs 500 people.)
              A new factory

              • The company sent me a brochure. (The brochure contained all the information I needed.)
                The company sent me

              • Make one sentence from two, beginning as shown. Each time make an ‘~ed’ clause.
                • A boy was injured in the accident. He was taken to hospital.
                  The boy

                  • A window was broken in the storm last night. It has now been repaired.
                    The window

                    • A number of suggestions were made at the meeting. Most of them were not very practical.
                      Most of the suggestions

                      • Some paintings were stolen from the museum. They haven’t been found yet.
                        The paintings

                        • A man was arrested by the police. What was his name?
                          What was the name

                        • Complete the sentences using one of the following verbs in the correct form:

                          blow       ○      call       ○      invite       ○      live       ○      offer       ○      read       ○      ring       ○      sit       ○      study       ○      work
                          • I was woken up by a bell
                            A lot of the people to the party cannot come.
                            Life must be very unpleasant for people near busy airports.
                            A few days after the interview, I received a letter me the job.
                            Somebody Jack phoned while you were out.
                            There was a tree down in the storm last night.
                            When I entered the waiting room it was empty except for a young man by the window a magazine.
                            Ian has got a brother in a bank in London and a sister economics at university in Manchester.

                          • Use the words in brackets to make sentences using ‘there is’, ‘there was’ etc.
                            • That house is empty. (nobody / live / in it)

                              • The accident wasn’t serious. (nobody / injure)

                                • I can hear footsteps. (somebody / come)

                                  • The train was full. (a lot of people / travel)

                                    • We were the only guests at the hotel. (nobody else / stay there)

                                      • The piece of paper was blank. (nothing / write / on it)

                                        • There are regular English courses at the college. (a course / begin / next Monday)

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