English Grammar Test 48 (Level 1-B)

20 cards
, 39 answers
Mar 15
  • Fill in the blanks with the most suitable answer.
    1. My mother is worried because she (not, hear) from my sister for a month.

      1. When I woke up yesterday, it (rain).

        1. By the time I left the house it (stop) raining.

          1. A: How long you (you, study) English?
            B: For 5 years.

            1. At the age of five he read but he not write until the age of seven. (can, could, may)

              1. Can you turn the light please? I don’t want to sit the dark. (in, into, on, off)

                1. She spends most of her spare time talking  . . . 
                  the phone.
                  1. in
                  2. at
                  3. on

                2. No park in London is as (popular) as Hyde Park.

                  1. There was  . . . 
                    traffic so the journey didn’t take very long.
                    1. little
                    2. few

                  2. A: Have you ever been to Spain?
                    B: Yes, I’ve been there  . . . 
                    a few
                    1. few
                    2. a few

                  3. The children  . . . 
                    have to
                    play in the yard till their mother gets home from work as they are afraid to be alone.
                    1. should
                    2. could
                    3. have to

                    1. What is the most popular (popular) sport in your country?

                  4. The buses are very full. There are too many people them, that’s why I prefer to travel train or air. (at, in, on, by)

                    1. What time did you get  . . . 
                      work yesterday?
                      1. in
                      2. at
                      3. to
                      4. for

                    2. I’ll pay one hundred week. It’s not enormous salary but after all you are completely unskilled man. (a/an, the, —)

                      1. The weather has been very dry recently. We need  . . . 
                        rain for the crop to grow.
                        1. much
                        2. many

                      2. A: Who (invent) radio?
                        B: It (invent) by Marconi.

                        1. There weren’t any other questions,  . . . 
                          1. were
                          2. weren’t

                        2. These beautiful flowers (present) to her by her friends.

                          1. The doctor (send) for already.