Mar 7, 2017

English Grammar Test 48 (Level 1-B)

20 cards
, 39 answers
  • Fill in the blanks with the most suitable answer.
    1. My mother is worried because she (not, hear) from my sister for a month.

      • When I woke up yesterday, it (rain).

        • By the time I left the house it (stop) raining.

          • A: How long you (you, study) English?
            B: For 5 years.

            • At the age of five he read but he not write until the age of seven. (can, could, may)

              • Can you turn the light please? I don’t want to sit the dark. (in, into, on, off)

                • She spends most of her spare time talking  . . . 
                  the phone.
                  • in
                  • at
                  • on

                • No park in London is as (popular) as Hyde Park.

                  • There was  . . . 
                    traffic so the journey didn’t take very long.
                    • little
                    • few

                  • A: Have you ever been to Spain?
                    B: Yes, I’ve been there  . . . 
                    a few
                    • few
                    • a few

                  • The children  . . . 
                    have to
                    play in the yard till their mother gets home from work as they are afraid to be alone.
                    • should
                    • could
                    • have to

                    • What is the most popular (popular) sport in your country?

                  • The buses are very full. There are too many people them, that’s why I prefer to travel train or air. (at, in, on, by)

                    • What time did you get  . . . 
                      work yesterday?
                      • in
                      • at
                      • to
                      • for

                    • I’ll pay one hundred week. It’s not enormous salary but after all you are completely unskilled man. (a/an, the, —)

                      • The weather has been very dry recently. We need  . . . 
                        rain for the crop to grow.
                        • much
                        • many

                      • A: Who (invent) radio?
                        B: It (invent) by Marconi.

                        • There weren’t any other questions,  . . . 
                          • were
                          • weren’t

                        • These beautiful flowers (present) to her by her friends.

                          • The doctor (send) for already.

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