Mar 7, 2017

English Grammar Test 47 (Level 1-B)

20 cards
, 49 answers
  • Fill in the blanks with the most suitable answer.
    1. A: Did you ask them when Ann (arrive)?
      B: They know  . . . 
      , about it.
      • nothing
      • anything

    2. The teacher said that we would go  . . . 
      an excursion soon.
      • to
      • on
      • for

    3. In Britain, children start school the age five. (in, at, of, on)

      • She lives on top floor of old house. When wind blows, all windows rattle. (a/an, the, —)

        • family hotels are hotels which welcome parents and children. (a/an, the, —)

          • I (be going) to take a short holiday when I (finish) this work.

            • As soon as you (decide) when you (leave), phone us and we (reserve) a flight for you.

              • If I (see) George tomorrow, I (tell) him to come and speak to you.

                • A: I stay here till 6 o’clock?
                  B: No, you not. You go home now if you’ve finished your work. (need, must, may)

                  • There were (few) people at this match than at the last one.

                    • Don’t forget to put the light out when you (go) to bed.

                      • He (walk) out of the door when the phone (ring).

                        • I’m sorry, Tom can’t come to the phone, he (have) a bath.

                          • My brother (fall) in love with an American and they (get) married last month.

                            • This street (sweep) every day, but it (not, sweep) last week.

                              • If you go to a dentist with a private practice, you  . . . 
                                will have to
                                pay him quite a lot of money.
                                • had to
                                • should
                                • will have to

                              • One of (famous) places of interest in London is St. Paul’s Cathedral.

                                • We travelled all night and arrived Paris 7 o’clock the morning. (in, at, to)

                                  • He has lived in London  . . . 
                                    of his life.
                                    • more
                                    • most

                                  • Like many women she loves  . . . 
                                    parties and  . . . 
                                    • teathe gossip
                                    • a teagossip
                                    • the teaa gossip

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