Sep 25, 2017

English Grammar Test 71 (Level 3-A)

20 cards
, 40 answers
  • Fill in the blanks with the most suitable answer.
    1. Although many laws (pass) to protect the rights of disabled people and ensure that they (treat) equally, they still face many problems in their lives.

      • Despite (a, the, —) bad weather the pilot (could, was able to, might) land the plane.

        • While it is good to have your own opinion, you (must, can, may) be prepared to listen to what (other, others, another) people say.

          • When travelling through different time zones, passengers (may, might, should) feel tired and experience jetlag.

            • He (arrest) for drink-driving by the police, who then took him (at, in, to) the police station.

              • (a, the, —) customs officials (try) to improve their methods of catching people who smuggle illegal goods.

                • The jury (are, was) sure to convict him—there (is, are, were) so (much, many, a lot) evidence against him.

                  • If people realised how (much, many, a lot) their cars pollute the atmosphere, they would use (a, the, —) public transport more often.

                    • The conservation of natural resources is very important if humans (are to, must, can) survive.

                      • (a, the, —) tourism brings money (in, to, into) the country (which, what, that) can be put to the country’s good use.

                        • He is not selling the paintings at present. He (not, care) how much money he (offer).

                          • I (look forward) to the concert for ages, then on the big day it poured!

                            • I think music (must not, could not, should not) be a necessary part of the school curriculum.

                              • I think it’s important for (everyone, each, every) to be able to speak (other, another, the other) language apart from their native one.

                                • (a, the, —) computers can’t replace teachers, because pupils need them to guide their learning.

                                  • Peace and quiet (be) lovely now and then, but activity, excitement and human company are also important parts of our lives.

                                    • My favourite way of travelling is by train because I (can, must, may) relax and watch (a, the, —) scenery outside.

                                      • To stop pollution, I think we (should, must, are to) encourage industries to use (clean) methods of production than those they (use) now.

                                        • We (try) to educate the public (of, about, on) the importance of recycling, (since, after, because of) recycling (help) save trees and (other, another, the other) natural resources.

                                          • A: Why don’t you come to work in your car?
                                            B: If I (have) a car, I (bring) it to work.

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