Sep 25, 2017

English Grammar Test 72 (Level 3-A)

20 cards
, 40 answers
  • Fill in the blanks with the most suitable answer.
    1. Economics only recently (recognize) as (a, the, —) scientific study.

      • As there was no demand for their products, the company (force) to close.

        • My uncle (not, care) (of, about, for) loosing money. He just (want) to sell the car as soon as possible.

          • The invention of (a, the, an) aeroplane was a major break through in travel in the 20th century.

            • Mountain climbing is an (exciting, excited) sport; however it can be very dangerous.

              • Understanding (others, another, the other) point of view does not mean automatically accepting it.

                • There is a far (exciting) atmosphere in a cinema, but it’s (expensive) than watching a video at home.

                  • The (surrounding, surroundings) at home (is, are) more comfortable than they are at the cinema, but being in a cinema (help) create a mood that (help) you to get really involved in a film, because of the big screen and the sound system.

                    • In future computers widely (use) to do homework assignments (such, so, just) as writing essays.

                      • Computers (cannot, must not, may not) replace the teachers, because pupils need (their, they, them) to guide their learning.

                        • She (not, seem) to care about her appearance at all, but she always looks (nice, nicely, well).

                          • I told him that he (can, couldn’t, mustn’t, may) hope to catch a big fish (with, by, on) a small rod like this.

                            • We should try to help reduce (a, the, —) air pollution (by, with, at) using public transport or bicycles instead of private cars.

                              • Recycled glass can (mix) with asphalt or cement and used to make new roads.

                                • A: What (you, do)?
                                  B: I’m writing to apply (to, for, at) the job (advertised, advertising) in this week’s newspaper.

                                  • I’m sorry (for, at, about) your recent misfortune. Please let me know if there is (anything, something, some) I can do to help.

                                    • Meat is important food because it is major source of protein, B vitamins and essential minerals, (a, the, —)

                                      • Both tea and coffee (can, must, should) interrupt sleep and relaxation if they (drink) at night.

                                        • I hope that the music festival (attend) by many people, fireworks (set) off by the party organizers if the weather doesn’t spoil everything.

                                          • I can’t find the necessary flat. If the flats clearly (number), it (be) less difficult to find anyone.

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