Sep 25, 2017

English Grammar Test 74 (Level 3-A)

20 cards
, 41 answers
  • Fill in the blanks with the most suitable answer.
    1. I’d like to see (much, the most, more) languages included in the school curriculum.

      • I think it is important for everyone to be able to speak (other, another, the other) language apart from their native one especially in today’s world where (communication, conversation) between countries is necessary.

        • Some people claim that owning a home is far (practical) than renting one, but there are some negative points to consider.

          • Exercising (keep) you fit and healthy; furthermore, it helps you feel (young) than you (be).

            • These days going to the gym (become) a daily part of (a, the, —) life, but although it (may, should, will be unable to) keep you fit, it can also be dangerous.

              • Airport workers (be) (on, at, for) strike for weeks now; nevertheless, few flights (cancel).

                • Recycled car headlights, which (make) of plastic can be used to make windows which are (difficult) to break than normal glass ones.

                  • In the past physical torture (use) to make prisoners tell (a, the, —) truth.

                    • In future solar energy (use) instead of petrol; therefore, transport (become) more environmentally friendly.

                      • The (old) she gets the (experienced) she becomes.

                        • My mother earns (little) money than father, but I earn (little) of all, though my manager promised that I (have) some prospects for promotion soon.

                          • Students (not, need) to rely on the teacher so much when they are working on a computer.

                            • I hoped my friend (become) (a, the, —) writer when he (graduate) from University.

                              • Everybody knows he is very good (at, in, on) inventing stories.

                                • In today’s world (a, the, —) children need all the skills they (can, have to, may) get in order to find (a, the, —) successful career in their future life.

                                  • Firstly, you should know that we (meet) at 6 a.m. at the railway station.

                                    • The train has broken, so we (wait) on the platform for one hour already.

                                      • Their flat (burgle) before they returned from their trip to (a, the, —) Mediterranean Sea. Everything (take).

                                        • Harry (apply) for several posts and still (wait) for the reply.

                                          • I haven’t got any house. If I (have) a house I couldn’t use, I (sell) it at once.

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