Sep 26, 2017

English Grammar Test 77 (Level 3-A)

20 cards
, 41 answers
  • Fill in the blanks with the most suitable answer.
    1. (a, the, —) lit cigarette thrown (out of, from, off) a car (can, may, is to) start a fire in a forest.

      • The police stated that the robbers probably (enter) the bank shortly after midnight.

        • The police investigation showed the robbers were professionals as they (manage) not only to switch off the alarm system, but the security cameras (to, as well, either).

          • Chocolate not only tastes (delicious, deliriously), it is also rich (in, at, with) iron, magnesium and potassium.

            • Melinda told us she (have) a birthday party at her house the following day. She said that she (wait) for us at 6 p.m.

              • Bill said he couldn’t believe what (happen) the day before.

                • Mrs Jacobs told me her daughter (revise) for her exams all day. By the end of this week she (pass) all her exams.

                  • The coach threatened that he (drop) Bob from the team if he (miss) training again.

                    • A pop concert was held in our city not long ago to raise money for (a, the, —) poor.

                      • No one in our class is as (good) at languages as my friend. If he (not, enter) the Linguistic University it will be one of (great) disappointments in his life.

                        • A: (which, what) would you rather be—a lawyer or a customs officer?
                          B: I (not, decide) yet.

                          • I (am used to, used to) living in the country. I think it’s less expensive and much (comfortable) than to live in big cities.

                            • When the satellite (launch) next time, scientists (can, be able to, have to, may) investigate the rings around (a, the, —) Saturn in more detail than ever before.

                              • Despite yesterday’s snowfalls, we (could, be able to, must, might) drive home (little) than an hour.

                                • Road accidents have become very common nowadays. They usually (cause) by people who drive dangerously.

                                  • Grandmother said that she felt very dizzy because she (forget) to take her medication that morning.

                                    • Soho used to be considered one of (dirty) and (dangerous) places in London, but it was cleaned up in the early 1980s. Since then it (become) a meeting place.

                                      • Down by the river, the old warehouses (transform) into galleries, shops and clubs; the pubs also (restore) to their original Victorian beauty.

                                        • A: Where is exactly Soho?
                                          B: Between Oxford Street and (a, the, —) Charing Cross Road. Today it is one of the most bohemian (area, areas) in London as great changes (take) place here of late.

                                          • A: What would you do if you (see) a tiger walking across Hyde Park?
                                            B: I (climb) a tree.
                                            A: That (not, be) any use. The tiger (climb) after you.

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