Sep 26, 2017

English Grammar Test 76 (Level 3-A)

20 cards
, 41 answers
  • Fill in the blanks with the most suitable answer.
    1. If children learn foreign language in school they will be able to spend pleasant holidays abroad communicating with the local people. (a, the, —)

      • Travelling abroad (become) now much (easy) and (cheap) than ever before.

        • Learning foreign languages be confusing for a child, as children find it difficult to learn new words and to keep the foreign language separate from their own. (may, could, should, can)

          • We must stop the hunting of wild animals and (a, the, —) destruction of forests before it is too (late, lately).

            • I hope that one day everyone (be) part of the world movement to save the Earth.

              • Sports (change) a lot over the years, but they still provide entertainment (for, to, at) many people.

                • I’ll never forget the impression New York made on me the first time I (see) it. Of course I knew much about the famous city from the cinema and the book I (read).

                  • I understand that it is (easy) said than done, but you must try to include regular exercises in your daily routines as (a, the, —) form of protection against heart attacks.

                    • (shall, will, should) we go and watch the carnival procession, where the local people / (usually, dress) in their traditional clothes?

                      • I believed he (involved) in that scandal, though he has never told me (anything, something, everything) about it since then.

                        • I (wait) for the number 6 when I noticed an old man started to cross the road in front of the bus.

                          • There was a terrible noise, but luckily, no one (injure). Two cars seriously (damage).

                            • A pan of oil which (leave) unattended on the cooker yesterday could start a fire. For this reason, you (can, should, may) never leave one unattended while you (cook).

                              • Speeding (cause) car accidents, that’s why people should not drive too fast and they should always (wear) seat-belts.

                                • Last week two tourists were miraculously saved from almost certain death by friendly dolphin while they (swim) in the sea near (a, the, —) Australian city of Darwin.

                                  • Chocolate contains mild stimulants which (help) us concentrate and make us feel well.

                                    • Nowadays, with all the problems in the world, we should enjoy ourselves (some, any, many) way we can, but always within reason.

                                      • Fish (be) a big part of my diet as it is very healthy and high in protein. Now I eat (many) apples, grapes and pears than before and (little) red meet, cheese and butter.

                                        • (at, in) the beginning of the century men’s clothes (be) similar to the formal suits worn today, but casual clothing such as jeans or sweat-shirts (not, know) then.

                                          • The only thing I haven’t got is a balcony. If I (have) a balcony, I (grow) plants in pots.

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