Jun 7, 2016

Lesson 25: Essential Words for the TOEFL

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    briefly       ○      circulate       ○      consistently       ○      exhibit       ○      found       ○      improperly       ○      impulsively       ○      infrequently       ○      isolated       ○      overtly       ○      profoundly       ○      sharply       ○      situated       ○      subsequently       ○      unmistakable

    [adv.] short, usually in time
    [Syn.] concisely

    [adj.] brief
    [n.] brevity

    The visiting professor spoke briefly at the faculty meeting.
    Solar eclipses are brief moments when the Earth and Moon cross the Sun’s fixed position in the solar system.
    A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes is a 1988 popular-science book by British physicist Stephen Hawking.

    [v.] to cause to move along a fixed path; to move freely
    [Syn.] distribute

    [adj.] circulatory
    [n.] circulation

    The news of the president’s visit circulated quickly throughout the city.
    A dollar bill remains in circulation for approximately one and a half years.

    [adv.] without changing; keeping the same principles, ideas, or quality
    [Syn.] dependably

    [adj.] consistent
    [v.] consist
    [n.] consistency

    The temperature must be maintained consistently at 75° centigrade.
    The policy of the government concerning unemployment has been consistent.

    [v.] to show or demonstrate
    [Syn.] display

    [n.] exhibit
    [n.] exhibition
    [n.] exhibitor

    The compound exhibits the qualities of an acid.
    It was the best exhibition of talent that I have ever seen.

    [v.] to establish, start up
    *a philanthropic organization
    [Syn.] establish

    [n.] foundation*
    [n.] founder

    The wealthy woman founded a hospital in her home town.
    The foundation maintained a number of philanthropic activities.

    [adv.] not following established rules; not desirable
    [Syn.] inappropriately

    [adj.] improper
    [n.] impropriety

    The disappointing outcome was a result of an improperly prepared petri dish.
    There was an impropriety with the way the funds were spent.

    [adv.] acting without thinking
    [Syn.] capriciously

    [adj.] impulsive
    [n.] impulse
    [n.] impulsiveness

    She reacted impulsively to the loud noise.
    Many shoppers buy items on impulse.

    [adj.] almost never
    [Syn.] rarely

    [adj.] infrequent
    [n.] infrequency

    Tornadoes occur infrequently in the eastern part of the United States.
    Deserts are characterized by their infrequent rainfall.

    [adj.] kept separated from others
    [Syn.] secluded

    [v.] isolate
    [n.] isolation

    The failure of the communications system left the towns isolated.
    The doctors were unable to isolate the cause of the epidemic.

    [adv.] in a way clearly seen; not done secretly
    [Syn.] openly

    [adj.] overt

    He overtly disregarded the regulations.
    Her overt attempt to take control of the discussion failed.

    [adv.] in a deep way; showing deep knowledge of a subject
    [Syn.] significantly

    [adj.] profound
    [n.] profundity

    Everyone was profoundly impressed by the news reports.
    The Nobel Prize is a profound recognition of outstanding achievement.

    [adv.] showing sensitivity or quick thinking; showing a quick change in direction
    [Syn.] quickly

    [adj.] sharp
    [v.] sharpen
    [n.] sharpness

    Car prices rose sharply over the past year.
    There was a sharp change in the humidity after the storm.

    [adj.] being found in a certain place
    *a current condition
    [Syn.] located

    [n.] situation*
    [v.] situate

    The resort town of Cancun is situated in the northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula.
    They found themselves in a very difficult situation.

    [adv.] following; coming after something
    [Syn.] afterwards

    [adj.] subsequent

    The public applauded the president’s actions, and subsequently his ratings in the polls improved.
    This report, and all subsequent reports, must be written in the appropriate style.

    [adj.] clearly able to be determined
    [Syn.] indisputable

    [adj.] unmistakably

    The markings of the insect provided an unmistakable identification of the species.
    It is unmistakably clear that the report must be finished by noon.

  • Choose the synonym.
    1. consistently
      1. dependably
      2. significantly
      3. readily
      4. extremely

    2. capriciously
      1. impulsively
      2. profoundly
      3. reluctantly
      4. scarcely

    3. subsequently
      1. unmistakably
      2. around
      3. swiftly
      4. afterwards

    4. circulated
      1. sharpened
      2. distributed
      3. maintained
      4. encircled

    5. briefly
      1. rarely
      2. reliably
      3. concisely
      4. severely

    6. exhibited
      1. displayed
      2. founded
      3. located
      4. highlighted

    7. overtly
      1. entirely
      2. openly
      3. evenly
      4. actually

    8. inappropriately
      1. disapprovingly
      2. approximately
      3. improperly
      4. unintentionally

    9. secluded
      1. situated
      2. isolated
      3. established
      4. shifted

    10. indisputably
      1. severely
      2. infrequently
      3. significantly
      4. unmistakably

  • Choose the word that is closest in meaning to the underlined word in the sentence.
    1. The colossal Statue of Liberty is situated in New York Harbor on a small island park within sight of Ellis Island.
      1. visited
      2. exhibited
      3. isolated
      4. located

    2. Astrology contends that the position of constellations at the moment of your birth profoundly influences your future.
      1. subsequently
      2. significantly
      3. unmistakably
      4. consistently

    3. After doubling the wages of his employees, Henry Ford was sharply criticized for his action.
      1. severely
      2. overtly
      3. impulsively
      4. improperly

    4. Most species of birds walk long distances infrequently.
      1. rarely
      2. briefly
      3. selectively
      4. continually

    5. The major American comic publishing houses were founded during the early nineteenth century.
      1. altered
      2. circulated
      3. criticized
      4. established

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