Jun 7, 2016

Lesson 27: Essential Words for the TOEFL

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    aptly       ○      demonstration       ○      ingredients       ○      involuntarily       ○      marvel       ○      measurable       ○      moderate       ○      odd       ○      reflection       ○      supposedly       ○      sustained       ○      symbols       ○      synthesis       ○      tangible       ○      tightly

    [adv.] having a tendency to do something; likely
    [Syn.] appropriately

    [adj.] apt
    [n.] aptness

    It was an aptly timed remark.
    Emotional problems are apt to damage personal relationships.

    [n.] a show or exhibit
    * overtly showing emotion
    [Syn.] display

    [adv.] demonstrably
    [v.] demonstrate
    [adj.] demonstrative*
    [adj.] demonstrable

    The demonstration clarified the procedure for everyone.
    The lawyer was demonstrative in making his impassioned plea before the jury.

    [n.] things combined to make something; the contents of something
    [Syn.] elements

    The ingredients of the product are kept secret.
    Good style, punctuation and grammar are important ingredients of a good essay.

    [adv.] in an unthinking manner; not chosen
    [Syn.] automatically

    [adj.] involuntary

    He involuntarily agreed to work overtime.
    Reflexes are involuntary reactions to external stimuli.

    [n.] something that surprises or impresses
    [Syn.] wonder

    [adv.] marvelously
    [adj.] marvelous

    The Great Wall of China is one of the world’s marvels.
    The weather was marvelous for an afternoon get-together in the park.

    [adj.] able to determine how much or how many
    [Syn.] assessable

    [adv.] measurably
    [v.] measure
    [n.] measurement

    Some personal characteristics, such as good teaching, are hardly measurable.
    A yardstick is used to measure lengths up to three feet.

    [adj.] not too much, not too little
    *to reduce
    [Syn.] medium

    [adv.] moderately
    [v.] moderate*
    [n.] moderation

    She made the best of her moderate dancing ability.
    The Broadway play was moderately successful.

    [adj.] unusual
    [Syn.] strange

    [adv.] oddly
    [n.] oddity

    It is odd to find a person who speaks many languages.
    The moon rock is an oddity available at the museum for all to view.

    [n.] a picture or element cast back
    [Syn.] image

    [adj.] reflected
    [v.] reflect

    His bright smile was a reflection of his satisfaction.
    In order to perceive something visually, light must be reflected from the object’s surface.

    [adv.] according to reports or hearsay; widely believed or accepted
    [Syn.] presumably

    [adj.] supposed
    [v.] suppose
    [n.] supposition

    The new trains can supposedly reach speeds of 150 miles per hour.
    The stockbroker’s supposition is that the economy will improve.

    [adj.] continuing in a constant way; remaining strong
    [Syn.] consistent

    [v.] sustain
    [adj.] sustenance

    Sustained rainfall is the only hope they have for relief from the drought.
    The trees could not sustain the attack of the locusts.

    [n.] a sign or object that represents something or somebody marks
    [Syn.] marks

    [adv.] symbolically
    [adj.] symbolic
    [v.] symbolize

    The strange symbols found in Egyptian tombs have intrigued historians for centuries.
    I think this painting symbolizes the universal themes of humanity.

    [n.] the mixing of separate things to form a whole
    *not made by nature
    [Syn.] combination

    [adv.] synthetically*
    [adj.] synthetic*
    [v.] synthesize

    The language of Papiamento is a synthesis of Dutch and native Indian languages of Curacao.
    Vitamins are synthetically produced.

    [adj.] real; that which can be felt
    [Syn.] concrete

    [adv.] tangibly
    [n.] tangibility

    The work of a teacher seldom produces tangible results until years after a student has graduated.
    The solution to this problem can be tangibly demonstrated.

    [adv.] being fixed in place; close; leaving no freedom
    [Syn.] firmly

    [adj.] tight
    [v.] tighten
    [n.] tightness

    The shirt fits too tightly.
    The government is tightening the regulations on the use of seat belts.

  • Choose the synonym.
    1. marvel
      1. ridge
      2. chaos
      3. wonder
      4. combination

    2. display
      1. disperse
      2. decline
      3. disguise
      4. demonstration

    3. oddly
      1. symbolically
      2. presumably
      3. tightly
      4. strangely

    4. appropriately
      1. supposedly
      2. aptly
      3. tangibly
      4. durably

    5. moderate
      1. sustained
      2. medium
      3. sharp
      4. periodic

    6. involuntary
      1. infrequent
      2. substantial
      3. automatic
      4. immeasurable

    7. elements
      1. ingredients
      2. measurements
      3. marks
      4. spans

    8. assessable
      1. tangible
      2. legitimate
      3. accountable
      4. measurable

    9. reflection
      1. image
      2. synthesis
      3. solid
      4. tightness

    10. tangible
      1. firm
      2. consistent
      3. concrete
      4. tedious

  • Choose the word that is closest in meaning to the underlined word in the sentence.
    1. Any insect landing on the Venus flytrap touches trigger hairs that cause the trap to close tightly.
      1. quickly
      2. mercilessly
      3. firmly
      4. involuntarily

    2. The cultural life of New Orleans is a synthesis of contributions by both blacks and whites.
      1. product
      2. demonstration
      3. reflection
      4. combination

    3. The Twin Towers are familiar symbols of the New York City sky-line.
      1. buildings
      2. landmarks
      3. marvels
      4. ingredients

    4. Sustained industrial growth and strong consumer spending must be present
      in order for an economy to grow.
      1. Tangible
      2. Consistent
      3. Moderate
      4. Measurable

    5. The Sweetwater River was supposedly named by General William Ashley in 1823 because its water tasted sweet to his trappers.
      1. presumably
      2. oddly
      3. aptly
      4. predictably

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