Oct 28, 2017

TOEFL vocabulary: Gallant-Gullible (Part I) 7 of 7

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    • 166. Gallant
      G. A. L. L. A. N. T. — Brave. Heroic.
      The opposite of gallant is cowardly.
      Note how the word is used in this sentence.
      ⇢      The gallant knight fought the dragon and save the village from destruction.

      • 167. Galvanize
        G. A. L. V. A. N. I. Z. E. — Spur. Rouse. Fire up.
        For example.
        ⇢      When the battle goes poorly a good general knows how to galvanize his troops for future victory.

        • 168. Gaudy
          G. A. U. D. Y. — Flashy. Showy. Tacky.
          ⇢      The antonym for gaudy is tasteful. The large flower earrings are too gaudy for my taste.

          • 169. Generally
            G. E. N. E. R. A. L. L. Y. — Usually. Normally.
            The antonym for generally is rarely.
            Listen to its usage in this sentence.
            ⇢      The firefighter generally sleeps in the firehouse so he can be ready for a call.

            • 170. Genial
              G. E. N. I. A. L. — Friendly. Warm.
              The antonym for genial is unfriendly.
              Note how the word is used in this sentence.
              ⇢      The hostess was so genial that she made everyone feel comfortable.

              • 171. Gentile
                G. E. N. T. I. L. E. — Non-Jewish person.
                For example.
                ⇢      Even though he was a gentile he attended temple with her family.

                • 172. Geography
                  G. E. O. G. R. A. P. H. Y. — The study of the earth’s surface.
                  The following sentence illustrates its usage.
                  ⇢      In geography class we are learning about mountains and rock formations.

                  • 173. Ghastly
                    G. H. A. S. T. L. Y. — Horrifying. Shocking. Terrible.
                    The antonym for ghastly is pleasant.
                    For example.
                    ⇢      The plane ride over here was ghastly. I’m glad it’s over.

                    • 174. Gingerly
                      G. I. N. G. E. R. L. Y. — Carefully. Gingerly means the opposite of recklessly.
                      Note how the word is used in this sentence.
                      ⇢      The horse stepped gingerly over the fallen tree.

                      • 175. Goad
                        G. O. A. D. — Is a verb meaning to badger or annoy.
                        The antonym for goad is to sooth.
                        Listen to its usage in this sentence.
                        ⇢      You will not be able to goad me into doing your housework no matter how hard you try.

                        • 176. Graphic
                          G. R. A. P. H. I. C. — A noun meaning a picture or diagram.
                          For example.
                          ⇢      I like this text book because it has many interesting graphics.

                          • 177. Gregarious
                            G. R. E. G. A. R. I. O. U. S. — Outgoing. Sociable.
                            Gregarious means the opposite of shy and withdrawn.
                            Note how the word is used in this sentence.
                            ⇢      They’re gregarious man always told great stories at dinner parties.

                            • 178. Grimace
                              G. R. I. M. A. C. E. — To frown or to scowl.
                              ⇢      The antonym for grimace is smile. He grimaced when he tasted the bitter soup.

                              • 179. Grotesque
                                G. R. O. T. E. S. Q. U. E. — Disgusting. Ugly.
                                The antonym for grotesque is attractive.
                                Listen to its usage in this sentence.
                                ⇢      She closed her eyes during the grotesque part of the movie.

                                • 180. Grumble
                                  G. R. U. M. B. L. E. — Complain. Gripe. [Kraus?].
                                  A lot of people are grumbling about higher gas prices but no one is taking any action.

                                  • 181. Gullible
                                    G. U. L. L. I. B. L. E. — Easily deceived. Naive. Trusting.
                                    The antonym for gullible is incredulous.
                                    The following sentence illustrates its usage.
                                    ⇢      She was so gullible that you will believe anything you tell her.

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